Common Bug Infestations And How To Prevent Them

Summer is often a time of fun in the sun with trips to the beach, camping, and routine visits to the dog park. However, for homeowners, summer is also the time of potential bug infestation as insects look to colonize and reproduce with renewed life. Keeping bugs out of your home may seem impossible during the dog days what with the door continuously opening and closing as family members and friends come in and out […]

Wasp, Hornets, and Yellow Jackets, Oh My-FAQs About Bee Removal

If you own a home, chances are good that you’ll encounter some kind of pest problem in the future. After all, pest control service revenues in the U.S. were projected to reach $12.29 billion last year. Of all the pests that might invade your home, bees are the scariest for many people. Not only can they be a nuisance, but they can also present a big danger: bee stings can range from mildly painful to […]

Four Tricks to Keep Your Kitchen Ant-Free

The summer months can mean great fun, but they can also mean great responsibility. We are, of course, talking about bugs. Bugs and pests are the villains of summer, ruining our backyard events by buzzing around our ears and leaving bites on our arms. Termites alone are responsible for $1-2 billion dollars of property damage in an average year. But while you’re on the lookout for termites and running flea combs through your dog’s fur […]

Homeowners Beware of ‘Pretty’ Termites!

Pest control services are essential for homeowners who are at risk of infestations and structural damage. Especially during termite season, these pests can cause such significant damage that you’d end up spending a lot of money on repair costs. That’s why it’s so important to work with termite control services before any serious damage has occurred. Termites actually damage roughly 600,000 homes every year in the United States. According to Market Watch, the termite control […]

The Summer Battle Against Fleas and Ticks Begin

Many news stations, including Fox, warn that the mild winter across the region heightens risks from ticks. Kat McIntyre, of the FMA Animal Hospital, said the mild winter helped contribute to a 200% increase in the tick population. She also said, that over the last three years, the tick population has grown by 500%. Ticks and fleas are known as pest hitchhikers and they cause a great deal of stress for pet owners across the […]

The Pest We Can Expect as Summer Gets Closer!

  The Pest We Can Expect as Summer Gets Closer! Insects are making a comeback this spring, keeping exterminators on their toes. The summer months are the busiest time of year for exterminators because when the sun comes out, so do the bugs.  The number of bee calls have the phones ringing off the hook. So fare it has definitely been a busy bee season. The best way to keep all pests out of and away from your […]

Facts about the Feared Tarantula | Pest Control Tucson

Facts about the Feared Tarantula Although tarantulas are big hairy and scary to some, being some of the larger species of spider. These spiders are actually harmless to humans, besides a painful bite. Their venom is mild and is weaker than a honey bee’s. These spiders have also become popular pets. Tarantulas periodically shed their external skeletons in a process called molting. In the process, they also replace internal organs, such as female genitalia and […]

Common Mistakes Homeowners Make When Dealing With Pests: Part 2

We’ve already covered the importance of regularly inspecting your home, making sure you have a plan of attack, and working with experienced residential pest control services, but here are some additional things you should keep in mind when dealing with both pest prevention and pest extermination. Having a messy house The easiest way to guarantee a bug-infested home is to not take care of your property at all. If you live in a messy home, […]

Common Mistakes Homeowners Make When Dealing With Pests: Part 1

If you’re a property owner and pests enter your home, you’re in for an extremely stressful few days, maybe even weeks if you wait too long to address the situation. Dealing with pests can be a nightmare for anyone, but it’s much better to just toughen up and deal with it as soon as possible than to wait until too much damage has occurred. Here are some mistakes that homeowners frequently make when dealing with […]

Don’t Let Pests Ruin Your Life! Beware of Bed Bug Infestations

If you have bed bugs in your house or apartment, you are in for some serious problems unless you consult a professional bed bug removal service. If you have a severe bed bug infestation on your hands, there is a chance you’ll develop both anxiety and insomnia until this nightmare issue is resolved. Because it’s so important to act as fast as possible in the event of a bed bug problem, you should know the […]

Major Benefits of a Termite Inspection

Major Benefits of a Termite Inspection The benefits of a termite inspection ensure that your home or premises is free of any termite activity. This is especially crucial if you are purchasing a property, and for maintenance of existing structures which contain timber.  Timber may be present in flooring, walls, stairs, roof, eaves and fittings such as cupboards as well as in external structures such as fences. What are Termites Exactly? Termites are social insects […]

Centipede vs. Milllipede | Pest Control Tucson

Centipedes vs. Millipedes Centipedes vs. Millipedes – The Duel in the Desert Here are some similarities and differences between the arthropods: Centipedes – arthropods with elongated bodies and one pair of legs per segment. They range in size from less than an inch to several inches. The giant desert centipede is usually 6 to 8 inches, while the common desert centipede is 4 to 5 inches. The larger giant desert centipede is orange with a […]

7 Facts About PillBugs

7 Facts About PillBugs Pillbugs go by many names – armadillo bug, potato bug, roly poly & wood louse,  – but whatever you call it, it’s a interesting creature that finds its way into your home. These 7 facts about pillbugs will give you a new insight on the “bug”. Although often associated with insects and are referred to as “bugs,” pillbugs actually belong to the subphylum Crustacea. They’re much more closely related to shrimp and crayfish than […]

Kissing Bugs – The Deadly Smooch! | Pest Control Tucson

Kissing bugs can deliver a real kiss of death Kissing bugs – A member of the Triatominae insect family, are blood sucking insects that are known to prey on humans as a food source. These pests are sometimes called cone-nose bug, masked hunter bug and Mexican bed bug. A major reason these insects are called “kissing bugs” is because they tend to bite around the mouth and eyes. These Tucson Arizona pests can cause severe allergic […]

The Importance of Pest Control: 3 Reasons to Get Help Right Away

If you’re a homeowner, it’s important to never underestimate the importance of pest control. Without proper prevention and extermination in the event of an infestation, there are some horrible things that can go wrong that will cause problems for not only your home, but the well being of your family. Here are a few reasons why you should remember the importance of pest control and consult with professional pest extermination services. These Pests Can Cause […]

The Arizona Recluse – A Serious Bite! | Pest Control Tucson

The Arizona Recluse – A Serious Bite! Arizona Recluse – Al though technically not a recluse, the Arizona Brown Spider indeed carries the same venom. The Arizona brown spider has a body length of about 1/3 inch and a leg span of 1 to 1.5 inches. Arizona Recluse spiders are generally yellowish-brown to brown in color, with a darker colored violin shape on the top of the cephalothorax (not the abdomen). This is why they […]

Get Rid of Problematic Pests: Bees, Bed Bugs, and Termites

As we get closer and closer to the warmer months, although that means nicer weather, more outside activities, and overall better moods, there are still serious issues that come with these months. Bugs, pests, unwanted insects, whatever you want to call them, can cause serious problems to your family this summer. Here are a few bugs to look out for and what you should do about them. Bees No one wants a swarm of bees […]

Arizona Bark Scorpion – Back from hibernation-Pest Control Tucson

Arizona Bark Scorpion – Back from hibernation. The Arizona Bark Scorpion – (Centruroides sculpturatus) is one of the best-known species of scorpion in North America. The Bark Scorpion’s popularity is due to the danger it represents for humans. An adult Bark Scorpion usually has a length of 2.7-3.1 inches and males are larger than females. They are yellow with marked horizontal lines in the back; the tail is thin with a stinger that has a very pronounced curvature. […]

Termites Expected to Cause Serious Problems Across the United States

Termites damage roughly 600,000 homes every year in the United States. Unfortunately, it looks like certain U.S. cities are getting hit even harder with termite infestations. According to Terminx, cities in Alabama, Florida, and Texas should be the most worried about termite infestations in 2017. Although termites cause homeowners and business owners issues across the country, there are 15 cities that should be on an even higher alert for infestations this year because they experienced […]

Overgrown With Weeds-Don’t Let it be Your Path!

Don’t let this be the path to and from your home! As you know, weeds and can get out of control very fast. Taking no action or procrastinating can lead to more work and more money. Avoid the serious hassle your yard can become by taking action with Essential pest Control’s weed control service. Essential’s weed control program is achieved by our professional weed services performed by our exterminators using a pre-emergent herbicide that is […]