New Construction

New Construction Termite Treatment in Tucson, AZ

Essential Pre treat Truck

Essential Pest Management provides preventive termite treatments before the concrete is pored during the construction of a new home or commercial project. All new construction treatments come with a five year re-treatment termite warranty. Essential is licensed and insured with an excellent record with the Office of Pest Management.

Provide our Builders

Quality Service & Affordable Rates
Free Estimates & Plan Reviews
24-hour service and flexible scheduling
High Capacity trucks and equipment
Use blue marking dye to indicate coverage

The Essential Difference

Treating Plumbing Protrusion

Construction projects have demanding schedules and work coordination needs. Essential’s staff is focused on insuring the project runs smoothly with no delays. Essential tracks all projects and makes sure they’re 100% completed including the final grade treatment. Upon completion of the project Essential extends our customer service too the new property owner(s). Essential makes sure clients are informed of their warranties, provide inspections, and can provide any additional pest control services they need. Essential understands that our service has a direct reflection of the quality of our builders.

Additional Builder Services

Emergency Bee Removal
Borate Wood Treatments
Treatment for cut-outs & remodels