3 Reasons Your Home Is Attracting Termites

April 28, 2023

Termites can cause havoc in your home and cost you thousands of dollars in repairs. According to Consumer Affairs, the top three pests that pose the most significant threat to people in the U.S. include termites, mosquitoes, and ticks. The best way to protect your home is to understand what attracts these destructive insects in your home in the first place. Here are three ways that you can utilize termite control.

1. Unmaintained Landscaping

If you have any trees on your property, keep them well cared for by a local arborist. Caring for your trees can go a long way in termite control. One thing you want to do is to ensure your trees aren't too close to your foundation. If termites invade your trees, they can easily hop over to your home if it's too close by. Have an arborist cut down branches or remove a tree to avoid giving termites a bridge.

2. Dead Wood

Deadwood can cause many problems on your property, and termites are one of them. Termites don't care if your wood is alive or dead, as they will feast on it either way. If you have any tree stumps that you haven't ground up yet, make sure you take care of them quickly. Be careful where you place your firewood, as it should be far away from your home's foundation since it can be a breeding ground for a termite buffet or shelter.

3. Moisture

In addition to deadwood, termites also like wet wood as well. They like any type of moisture, so one way to utilize termite control is to keep your home and surrounding area as dry as possible. Termites can be found under leaky pipes or outdoor sources of standing water. You may need to use a home dehumidifier to dry out your home at some point, as an extra step in keeping these wood-hungry creatures out.

Utilizing good termite control is essential to keeping your home safe from insect destruction. An uncontrolled termite infestation could destroy your home within a year. Knowing what attracts termites is a great way to keep these wood-loving insects at bay, and the sooner you handle the issue, the better. Please contact Essential Pest Control today to learn more.

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