3 signs you have a Bed Bug infestation

Bed bugs – small insects that feed on human blood. Smaller than a quarter inch long, they are very difficult to spot. They can be found anywhere, from houses to nursing homes, public transportation and hotels. 

Usually the first signs of bed bugs are bites. Small bites clustered in a group or line on your skin. Although bed bug bites are itchy, they’re usually harmless. They are more of a nuisance than anything.

Signs of bed bugs 

Bed bugs usually live in or around your bed, and they commonly hide in the creases and seams of mattresses or upholstery. However, it’s rare to actually spot a bed bug.

“Sometimes it can be very hard to tell if you have bed bugs as they remain in hiding places through the day time and only come out at night to feed when we are in a deep sleep,” says Young. 

Before you look for bugs, you should look for signs of a infestation.

This can include:

  • Bed bug bites that appear in a cluster or line on your skin. They will be smaller than mosquito bites.
  • Red or rusty colored stains on your mattress or sheets. This can occur when you inadvertently squish bed bugs. 
  • Dark brown or black stains on your mattress or sheets that almost look like they were drawn by a marker. These are bed bug feces. 

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