The 3 Threats Rodents Pose and Why Your Cat Doesn’t Care

rodent control

As we’ve learned from Tom and Jerry, cartoon cats aren’t very good at catching cartoon mice. Back in the days before zany anthropomorphic TV animals, cats and humans became friends. This is a classic example of a common enemy forging a friendship. See, the agricultural revolution brought stability to the food supply, yet it attracted unwelcome attention from rodents. Looking for food, rats and mice made a mess of crops, spread diseases, and became a nuisance for farmers everywhere. Soon after, felines found free food on these farms as well. Cats chase mice, humans reward cats, and cats stick around. Everybody wins.

Today, cats serve a cuddlier purpose. A mouse might make its way into your home, but it’s up to your well-fed cat to decide if catching it is worth the effort. If your house is the subject of a rodent invasion, and your cat isn’t helping, you should consider a rodent control service.

Why You Need To Remove Pests
Nobody wants a feral rodent running around their house, but there are a few good reasons to take strong rodent control action.This is because the ick-factor of mice and rats pales to the potential risks they pose to the health and well being of your family.

  1. Diseases are all too common in rats. They scurry around your clean house spreading their contagious diseases everywhere they go. This is exactly how the black plague spread in the middle ages. If you have any pets, it is especially important to catch these dirty intruders.
  2. Damages caused by rodents can appear insignificant at first, but lead to big problems down the line. If a mouse got into your house, that means there’s a way to get in. Over time, more invaders will come. On top of that, they can burrow through the walls of your basement, exposing you to potential water damage.
  3. Fires that get attributed to ‘unknown causes’ could be caused by the mouse in your house. In fact, estimations suggest that 25% of unspecified fire causes are from rodents gnawing through wires, matches, and gas lines. The threat they pose could literally be life and death.

Your cat can’t do everything for you, so if you have a mouse in the house, put rodent control in control today.

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