5 Odd Ways To Catch Rodent Invaders


Did you know that a rat has a ‘home range’ of between 50 and 150 feet of its nest? Mice, on the other hand, typically live within 10-30 feet from their nest. Rodents are a big problem for many people living in homes all across the world. The question is, how do you get rid of them?

When all of your go-to solutions fall flat and it becomes obvious that the invading rodents are wise to your tricks, you will need to resort to professional rodent control services. Before you do that though, try these creative rodent control strategies.

  1. Peanut Butter Trap
    This is a new spin on the classic mouse trap. Forget cheese; spread some peanut butter on a rodent trap and be patient.
  2. Cat
    Yes, a cat. True to their reputation, felines are actually quite good at catching mice. Besides, if you were looking for an excuse to get a cuddly kitty, just pretend you need one to get rid of your rodent problem.
  3. Snake
    Okay, this one’s not for everyone. Honestly, most people would rather have rats roaming their house, but snakes might be even better at catching rodents since they can slither into smaller places. Also, unlike cats, snakes will eat the mouse instead of bringing it to you as a gift.
  4. Spoon and Garbage Can
    Lay a spoon half-way over the edge of a countertop. On the end that’s hanging over the edge, smear some peanut butter or cheese. Under that, place a garbage can. When the rodent tries to get the food, its weight will make it fall into the abyss.
  5. Bottle Trap
    Make a path or a tube that leads up to a two-liter balanced on top of a garbage can. Sprinkle food on this trail, placing the big peanut butter bounty inside the bottle. When the mouse squeezes into the bottle it is trapped. In the struggle to get out, the bottle will fall into the garbage for good measure. Get a bottle with a wider top for rats.

If none of these quirky rodent traps are catching the pests, you should call rodent control. When you put rodent control in control you are guaranteed to bring the rogue rodents to justice. Expert pest control is the best way to see consistent results, so call today.

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