5 Things to Look For in a Tucson Exterminator

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When you need an exterminator, you usually need one right away. You have a pest problem, and the longer you wait the worse it will get. You don’t have the time to carefully vet your options to find the best possible candidate.

At Essential Pest Control, our goal is for everybody with a pest problem in Tucson to end up happy and pest-free. To that end, here is our “Quick-and-Dirty Buyer’s Guide” for Tucson exterminators. We invite you to use it if you ever need a pest control professional, whether or not that means ultimately deciding to go with us.

A good exterminator…
  • Is Licensed and Insured, which proves two things. (a) The exterminator is trained and certified in safely using the chemicals and tools needed to exterminate pests. (b) The exterminator’s business is doing well enough to afford keeping the licenses and insurance current. Failing exterminator businesses are usually failing for a reason.
  • Provides Free Inspection Services. If an exterminator tries to charge you to find out if their services are needed, hang up the phone and call somebody else. All reputable exterminators will come in and assess your pest situation free of charge, and give you an honest report of what you need and who can do it best.
  • Can Provide References because nothing says a business is worth doing business with than customers who are glad they did. Take a tip from investigation pros and ask any references they provide to put you in touch with other people who used the exterminator. Those second-party references will usually give a more detailed and accurate report. While you’re at it, ask for a service guarantee and the contact information for somebody who used it.
  • Has Non-Chemical Options, which aren’t available for every pest, but are more common than not. Somebody who claims chemicals are the only option is an “exterminator” who isn’t up to date on the best modern methods. True pros might explain why chemicals are better for a specific pest problem, but they rarely tell you it’s the only option.
  • Offers Prevention Techniques, which may sound a little like a cynical up sell. They aren’t. An exterminator stands to make far more money waiting for your infestation to return than selling you simple prevention services. Offering prevention techniques is a sign of knowledgeable and ethical professionals.

We invite all of our clients to share whether or not we meet those four standards, and are proud to say we’re some of the top-rated exterminators in Tucson. To take advantage of that free inspection we mentioned above, call today and tell us about your pest control problem.

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