The Essential Difference

There are a lot of choices when choosing a pest control provider. Many companies offer similar insecticides and treatment methods. So what separates Essential from our competitors? It starts with two often overlooked and under valued concepts, Pest Control Training and Customer Service. This is what separates Essential from our competitors.

Pest Control Training and Service in the Field

About Our Pest Control Training At Essential

What separates Essential from other companies is the continued annual training process. Often companies rely to heavily on the initial training and applicator licensing process. True training requires continued reinforcement, practice and updating with new trends and concepts. The State of Arizona requires only 6 continuing hours of education annually for applicators. Essential delivers over 60 hours of verifiable training for all employees throughout the entire year. It is one thing to say we have ongoing training, it is another to have organized activities continually reinforcing the standards and education necessary to meet the needs of our clients.

Training Includes

checkApplication techniques
checkEnvironmental awareness
checkInsect biology & behavior
checkPesticide usage
checkProduct updates
checkCustomer service

This is accomplished with classroom instruction, field training, supervisor ride alongs, online course work, and guest speakers. It is Essential’s belief that competent and confident employees will perform better for our clients.

Pest Control Training

Customer Service

Customer service is not something you do, it is something you train for. To often client interaction is taken for granted. At Essential we engage in a Client Focus Approach. Essential Identifies what is important to our clients for exceptional customer service and train each of our employees to deliver the customer service clients want.

Client Focus Training

checkCommunication skills
checkCustomer service
checkEducating clients
checkEtiquette & politeness
checkImage and appearance
checkMaintaining schedules