An Arizona Exterminator’s Most Wanted

Exterminator’s Most Wanted

All professional exterminators are prepared and equipped to handle almost every common pest — and they know enough to call in a specialist for those few pests they don’t. Every exterminator also has his or her least favorite pest, the one they wage a personal war against almost every day. Which is worst varies on the tastes, region and personal history of each exterminator, but most exterminators in Arizona put the same four pests on their most wanted lists.

These are the pests and noxious weeds in Arizona that can do the most damage financially (or emotionally) to our clients. Trust us, we hate them even more than you do.

Venomous Arachnids

Scorpions, black widows and tarantulas aren’t as common in Arizona homes as bedbugs or termites, and they’re not as deadly as the movies would have you believe. But they’re around — especially in the colder winter months — and they can be deadly to your piece of mind. Getting rid of a nest of poisonous creatures is a first priority for any Arizona exterminator, especially when called to a home with children.


This is a tall, leafy weed with long flowers blooming off the top of the stock. It’s extremely aggressive and can ruin a garden or lawn in weeks. Worse from our point of view, it’s toxic to many animals. Livestock and beloved family pets who chew on it can become ill or even die, causing financial distress to farmers and ranchers and heartbreak to families.

House Mice

Despite being kind of cute, and the heroes of a variety of nursery rhymes and Disney movies, house mice are a serious problem for homeowners on three fronts:

  • They ruin your food by eating what they want, and defecating in what they don’t eat. This isn’t usually much at any one time, but can add up to over $1,000 a year in extra groceries.
  • They destroy property by chewing passageways, and by testing to see if parts of your home are edible. At best, this can accumulate to serious damage each year. At worst, some of that chewing can happen on electrical wires and cause a fire hazard.
  • They carry a variety of diseases, including the deadly and untreatable hanta virus. The other dangers of house mice are annoying, but this can be tragic.

Mice are serious bad news. If you have them, call an exterminator even if you have a cat.


These noxious weeds drop spiky seed pods that are the next worst thing to a Lego block found by a bare foot at night. They spread aggressively and cause pain even through light shoes. The burrs also stick to clothing, so what doesn’t stab you as you walk can penetrate shirt or pants when you sit down later. Of the items on this list, these cause the least financial harm but can be the most unpleasant to deal with.

If you have trouble with any of these pests, call us today for an estimate and speedy work to make your home safer, less vulnerable and more attractive. Our Tucson, Arizona-based team makes it our business to know the best, safest way to get rid of these blights on our existence forever.

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