Are Ground Squirrels Making Tunnels in Your Yard?

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Ground Squirrel

In our region, the Rock Squirrel is the most common Ground Squirrel.  However, there are many different species among the United States.

Each species of Ground Squirrel varies in color and size.  A Ground Squirrels tail is usually shorter than it’s body.  This pest is active during the day and they create their burrows around rock piles or on hill sides.  These burrows are usually occupied by male and female squirrels, or one particular squirrel.

Although Ground Squirrels hibernate during the Winter months, they wake up every few days to eat food stored in their tunnels.  During the Spring, mating and breeding begins.  Female Squirrels will breed an average of 6 young each year.  Ground Squirrels last around 3-4 years out in nature.

When alarmed or in danger, they emit a sharp cry for help. There is no wildlife protection over Ground Squirrels.  Although these pest can be problematic for Pest Control Professionals, there are various options to control Ground Squirrels.  Exclusion work, baiting, and live-trapping are just a few options.  If you’re looking to get rid of Ground Squirrels, call Essential Pest today at (520) 886-3029.

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