Are Milkweed Bugs Bad for Your Garden?

Milkweed Bugs are native to North America, however, they can also be found in Canada and Mexico.  This insect feeds on different plants, but there is one plant in particular it loves most.

Milkweed Bug

Milkweed Bugs

Milkweed plants are the most important source for Milkweed Bugs.  Although Milkweed plants may seem like a type of flower, they actually fall under the category of Weeds.  They deposit their eggs on the leaves of the plant during the Spring.  There can be many different generations each year.  Although their offspring is wingless in their first two stages of growth, they are very alike.  Both nymphs and adult Milkweed Bugs are dark gray, bright red, and have white spots.

These bugs cause very little to no damage to plant life.  However, in great numbers, Milkweed Bugs can sometimes be a pest and annoyance.  They may also enter structures.  To control a Milkweed Bug situation, a exclusion should be completed. There should also be a residual applied around the perimeter of the structure.  If you’re looking to keep Milkweed Bugs away from your yard, a regular Pest Control service should be completed.

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