Are Tarantulas Good to Have Around?


Although most people are terrified of Tarantulas, they are quite beneficial for our environment.  They are the biggest species of spiders.  Their hairy bodies are 2 ½ inches in length, and their legs can grow up to 4 inches.  They have 8 eyes and 2 fangs.  The females are tan, and the males are dark brown.  Males will travel far in search of a female to mate with.


Technician holding Tarantula

Tarantulas are hunters and are most active at night.  Although they live in their underground burrows, they come out when they are hungry and will wait close to their burrows until the right moment arises.  Then, when a insect is passing near their burrow, they snatch them up for a meal.

These holes can be easily identified by the webbing found around the hole to their burrow.  Rodent burrows are commonly used by Tarantulas as well.  If you’re looking to control Tarantula activity, these holes should be filled.  For us, they are beneficial to have around.  Tarantulas feed on smaller insects such as Crickets and Cockroaches.

Simply put, they keep other pests out of your home or business.  Any Tarantulas that are found can be captured in a container and released to areas away from human residences.

Though Tarantulas rarely venture inside homes and businesses, they can still be bothersome.  Reducing the amount of insects around a building with our Pest Control programs is an effective way to manage this particular spider.

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