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Arizona Brown Spider


This spider ranges from a yellowish tan to brown and can be up to 1 ½ inches in size.  This species is closely related to the Brown Recluse Spider.  Its venom contains powerful cytotoxins that cause large ulcerous soars.


Arizona Brown Spiders are hunters.  They move from place to place in search of small insects to feed on.  They prefer to hide in daytime hours.  When inside a building, clutter is very attractive to this spider for hiding.  They have also been found hiding in shoes, clothing, and boxes.  Most bites occur when the spider is accidentally trapped against the skin.


Recluse Spider Bite

This spider is excellent at hiding.  The most effective form of inspection and detection is done with the use of glue boards. The traps are placed throughout the structure and checked a few days later.  Sanitation improvement is also a crucial factor.  Reducing clutter and stored items will discourage this spider.  This spider can also be kept outside by sealing cracks and crevices around the building and making sure all doors and windows are tight fitting.  Treatments should target entry points, underneath furniture and appliances, and crevices.

Fun Fact:

This spider is also known as the Fiddle-back Spider and violin spider because violin-shaped marking on its back.