Bed Bug Infestation and Schools

Bed Bug Infestation

Over the years, homes have become more and more infested with Bed Bugs.  Unfortunately, due to this resurgence of Bed Bugs, your children may be at risk for bringing this pest home from school. Here is a step by step guide for students who do bring Bed Bugs home with them to prevent Bed Bug infestation.

Bed Bugs that are found on child’s clothing and/or belongings:

Bed Bug Infestation Get an Inspection
Identify the pest to be sure it is a Bed Bug and have your home inspected for any further evidence.

Bed Bugs Tucson Be Proactive
If Bed Bugs are identified, respond quickly to get a Bed Bug treatment.

Bed Bug treatment Prevent Re-infestation
If you had an inspection, finding the source where the Bed Bugs came from should be fairly easy. To prevent Bed Bugs, during the treatment process, you will be asked to take cleaning precautions to prevent re-infestation.

Bed Bug infestation should be handled by a pest control professional to reassure clearance of Bed Bugs. Handling a Bed Bug occurance yourself could result in re-infestation.

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