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Bed Bugs are a common pest that not many people know much about. The fact is that anyone can get Bed Bugs, no matter how clean they are.

Although people react to Bed Bugs differently, the most common sign is small bites. These bites are often compared to Mosquito bites due to the inflammation and itchy reaction. The best way to prevent Bed Bugs is to take proactive.


Bed Bug Prevention

Bed Bugs TucsonStart being proactive against Bed Bugs by inspecting your bed. This includes the mattress, box spring, headboard, and frame. If there is a Bed Bug infestation, 70% or more of the Bed Bugs will be found there. Other places to check are furniture near or surrounding the bed, behind wall art, and on curtains.

This pest tends to go un-noticed because they are so small. However, their presence can affect sleep, health and hygiene. Being bitten in the middle of the night by Bed Bugs is discomforting. Protect yourself from Bed Bugs with a preventative Bed Bug treatment. Another option is to start using a mattress encasement. This is a great way to eliminate Bed Bugs from your home and life.

Bed Bug control can be hard to handle on your own. If a Bed Bug infestation is not treated properly it could result in re-infestation. Having a pest control professional inspect and treat for Bed Bugs is most effective plan of action.

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