Bed Bug Steam Treatment

In the past few years Bed Bug problems have been becoming an everyday occurrence in Tucson. They have been found in Hotels, Motels, Residential Homes, Commercial Properties, Schools, Hospitals and even, Movie Theaters. Bed Bugs are a reddish-brown mahogany color and their bodies are flattened an oval shaped. Adults are 1/4″ to 5/8” long and up to 1/8” wide. They appear shiny when seen. Bed Bugs are a parasite that is looking for its next meal, blood from us.

Bed bugs hiding in mattress seam

Bed bugs hiding in mattress seam

You might ask how do I get Bed Bugs? They are great hitchhikers, they will hitch a ride on clothing or other belongings that they come in contact. However they are not like lice and they will not travel directly on a person. Once they are introduced into an environment they are readily able to spread.
It is always a good idea to take precautionary steps when traveling always inspect your hotel room and always travel with a flashlight and disolvable laundry bags for dirty clothes. When returning home, inspect and vacuum out your suitcases and wash all clothing in hot water. If you would like to know more on how to inspect you hotel room please check out our Facebook page at

It is always a good idea to take precautionary steps when buying used items. Before purchasing a used item conduct a thorough inspection, find out as much history on the item where it was stored and if there was ever any Bed Bug issues. Here is a video of a Bed Bug steam treatment.

If you have questions or think you have Bed Bugs call us for a courtesy inspection at 520-886-3029!

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