Bed Bug in Tucson

Bed Bugs in Tucson

Over the last decade there has been a resurgence of Bed Bugs across the United States including Tucson.  Bed Bugs feed upon people for blood meals, presenting a legitimate health concern for people.  Experts are blaming increased world travel, pesticide resistance, and the poor awareness by the general public regarding Bed Bugs and their habits.  Bed Bug infestations are most common in hotels and multi-unit housing, but can easily spread to homes after travel or visiting friends.  Bed Bugs are highly transient hitching rides on luggage, furniture and personal belongings.

Bed Bugs Tucson

Bed Bug inspections and Bed Bug prevention begin by recognizing target areas.  In the photo above you will see a diagram that shows where Bed Bugs hide.  Not only do Bed Bugs infest beds, but they travel.  When traveling, if you are staying in a hotel, whether it is a five star hotel or a one star hotel, make sure to check for Bed Bugs.

Essential Offers Comprehensive Solutions:

Due to the complex habits and biology of Bed Bugs, treatments need to be tailored to each situation to insure elimination. Essential offers a variety of treatment solutions for our clients.

Bed Bug Inspection and Identification
Detection and Monitoring Systems
Comprehensive Treatment Strategies
The use of Steam, Heat, and other alternatives
Provide Preventive Mattress Encasement’s

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