Bee Activity in Tucson

There has been a lot of Bee activity so far this spring.  We have been getting a lot of calls for both swarms and hives.  A swarm is a group of Bees looking for a place to buildBee Removal Tucson a hive.  A hive is a colony of Bees with comb and brood.

Bee problems happen spontaneously.  Bees often infest properties with these two things in common:

Excessive foliage: A high percentage of Bee problems we address are back behind over grown trees, bushes, and cactus.  Bees choose these areas because of the protection they offer.  Trim back and groom any plant life around the house and yard.

Access to wall voids: A little bit of caulking and other materials can do wonders for Bee prevention.  Bees often seek out small cracks and crevices that lead to open spaces in walls and roofs.  Seal any small crevices around the eaves and repair any ventilation holes with fine screen.

By doing these two things around the house, the likely hood of getting Bees reduces significantly.  If you are having a problem with Bees, don’t hesitate to call a professional.  Bees are a serious pest here in the Southern Desert, do not attempt to treat them yourself!

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