4 Unknown Bee Dangers

Bees sting people. Those stings are painful, and potentially deadly to people with allergies. That’s why we’re hard-wired to notice and fear their plainly visible, yellow-and-black striped bodies. It’s also why exterminators in Tucson all know how to handle a bee problem.

Bee Dangers

Did you know that stings aren’t the only bee dangers or reason to destroy or move a beehive? It’s the reason you know the most about, but did you know…

  • …Bees Destroy Property because the spaces between your walls or in your attic have all of the qualities of the hollow logs and dead tree branches where they love to build their nests. Though bees won’t chew up your home, the honey and nest debris can stain or damage surfaces, and attract other pests which do chew up your walls. Your best bet is to remove the bee hive before that kind of “secondary damage” can begin to develop.
  • …Bee Sting Allergens Can Pass to Plants. The chemicals that cause some people to go into anaphylaxis from a bee sting aren’t limited to just the bee’s stinger. They can also pass those chemicals onto the surface of plants they touch. Severely allergic people can have a reaction to fruits and vegetables they eat, or even a sniffed flower, if there are bees in the neighborhood. Washing your fruits and veggies can help protect against this, but moving bees somewhere distant from your garden is a safer option.
  • …Bees Hurt Animals, Too. People aren’t the only creatures bees sometimes sting, though most animals are better at remembering not to annoy them. Dogs, cats, livestock and any other outdoor animals can experience the same pain and risk of anaphylaxis that you and your children do when stung. Cats can be kept indoors (and most veterinarians agree this is the better option), but other animals need some outdoor time. Removing the bees makes that time safer.
  • …Bees Are a Lawsuit Waiting to Happen. Remember that time a woman sued McDonald’s because the coffee was hot? How about somebody getting stung by bees you knew were on your property and did nothing about? Some juries might find that negligent just from the pain a stung person suffered, and it’s best not to think about the possibilities if somebody with an allergy got stung. Having a hive removed eliminates the risk both for guests and for your liability insurance.

A nest of bees doesn’t have to be made up of the “killer bees” you’ve been hearing are on their way since the 1980s to be a serious problem. If you have a hive on your property and want to live without the risks or potential bee dangers, give us a call to get professional bee removal handled right.

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