Tips for Bee Removal Arizona

Bee RemovalBees have long been a concern for homeowners in Arizona.  Africanized Bees, or “killer Bees,” in the Tucson area has become more important than ever to maintain Bee Removal and pest control around your home.  There are a few simple steps you can take to Bee-proof your home for comfort and convenience.

Remove Shelter Options

Bees and other pests are attracted to places where they can find suitable shelter to establish a colony.  You can Bee-proof your property by eliminating areas where Bees might wish to create a home.  Make sure all caulking, flashing, siding, and other materials on the exterior of your home are in good condition.  Fill in any cracks or holes and reattach any siding, flashing, or shingles that are loose.  Remove dead trees or other plants from your yard and never leave boxes, pots, tires, or crates outside your home.  Make sure any window screens in your home are installed properly and in good condition.  Check that the doors close completely on garages, sheds, and other out-buildings.

Remove Water

Water is another factor that often attracts Bees and pests to your home.  Remove sources of water by covering drains and rain barrels to prevent access.  Clear away any debris or unused containers that could collect water after a rainstorm.  If you have a water feature in your yard, make sure it is continually circulating and clean it often.  Additionally, you can place two tablespoons of vinegar in birdbaths or water features to discourage Bees from drinking.

Essential Pest Management offers residential and commercial Bee removal services in the Tucson area.  If you have concerns about Bees, BedBugs, or other pests, contact us today by calling (520) 886-3029 or visiting our website to schedule a free pest control consultation.

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