Expert Bee Exterminator in Tucson


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Bee Control & Removal

Essential Pest Control has a highly trained staff of bee removal experts. While most people appreciate the role bees play in the environment, Africanized bees are an invasive species that is not native to our desert environment. Our hot environment is ideal, which leads to an explosive population growth of an aggressive species that forces out native bee populations, thus needing control and eradication.

Bee activities often are in close proximity to humans, situations can arise that cause them to attack. This presents serious health concerns and liability for property owners. Attempting to handle bee removal by yourself can be fatal. Such services should be performed by a professional that has the proper knowledge and equipment to safely and efficiently perform a bee hive removal in Tucson.

The advantages of using Essential for your bee service needs:

• Fast Response and Reasonable Rates
• Bee Removal & Elimination
• Honeycomb Removal
• Pheromone Bee Trapping
• Property Surveys 24 hr. Emergency Service
• Elimination of Wasps & Other Stinging Insects

If unwelcomed guests set up a hive or swarm on your property, we have solutions. Not only can we eliminate the problem quickly, but we can provide services to mitigate future problems. We offer honeycomb removal to minimize pheromones that attract other bees, exclusion, and preventive trapping. Your technician can lend professional advice to limit unwanted Africanized honey bee problems.

We Can Eliminate Other Stinging Insects too!

Paper Wasps

This species of wasp can be aggressive and territorial. Known for their upside-down umbrella nests and nasty reputation, these wasps’ populations can start small, but over time nests can multiply quickly. Unlike bees, wasps can sting continuously without dying. Nests can often be hidden in eaves, outdoor light fixtures, or hidden from view under palm fronds and other vegetation.

Carpenter Bees

The larger black bees flying around your home can cause considerable damage to Arizona homes. These insects, although not aggressive, weaken exposed wood structures in which they bore holes and tunnels to lay eggs, hence the nickname carpenter bee. If left untreated, carpenter bees can erode the integrity of the wood, leading to expensive repairs down the road.

No matter your insect issue let Essential "bee" the company that handles your flying, stinging insect problem! We’re the bee exterminator Tucson trusts to get the job done right the first time!
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