Bee Aware with Bee Services!

It’s that time of year again!  All of the Spring critters are coming out from hiding.  Unfortunately for us, this means BEEing more aware and watching out for harmful pests.  Bee services in Tucson, AZ are popular due to our climate.

Essential Pest believes that having treatments completed in the Spring is a great way to stop pest problems before they start.  Our Power Pest program is a great way to prevent unwanted pests from invading your space.  This is a powerful approach to keeping pests away from your home or business.

Pests to Look out For:

Bees     Wasps     Scorpions     Ants

Pest Control Tucson





What pests does the Power Pest program cover?

Ants Centipedes Crickets Earwigs  Millipedes Pillbugs

Roaches Arizona pest control Arizona Tucson pest control Tucson (520) 886-3029 Scorpions Siverfish Solpugids  Spiders and more…

Handling pest control yourself could result in re-infestation.  Have a problem with Bees?  Bee services are not something to deal with on your own if you are not trained for Bee services and honeycomb removal.  Essential provides affordable Bee services and honeycomb removal.

If you are having a problem getting rid of any pests listed above, call Essential today.

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