How Bees Can Damage Your Home From the Inside Out

In the 1990’s, a combination of tabloids, cheesy made-for-TV movies, and hysterical newspaper stories convinced many Americans that killer bees would soon wreak havoc across these United States. That killer bee infestation never quite panned out, but even ordinary honeybees can cause serious damage to your property.

That’s why nuisance bee removal and other pest control services are so important for maintaining a secure and damage free home. It’s expected that throughout 2016, pest control services will earn revenues of roughly $12.29 billion in the United States. Thanks to warmer temperatures, many insect colonies are growing larger than ever before.

Bees can do so much more damage to your home than most people think. Aside from the physical damage and potential allergic dangers these pests cause, they can also cause serious and expensive damage to the actual structure of a building.

Here are some of the various forms of damage that bees can inflict on a residential or commercial property.

Mold and Dry Rotting

When bees form a beehive within the confines of your home’s walls, the infestation itself will cause damage. But dry rot and mold will also spread after the beehive dies within the wall, or if the bees can’t keep the hive at a cool temperature. Bees typically have upwards of 50 pounds of honey within their hives, so when the hive dies and begins to warm, all that melted honey will ooze out and cover your home’s walls. After a while, with the melted honey sticking to the inside of your walls, the mold and dry rot will increase and cause expensive and devastating home damage.

If you suspect a hive is inside your home, don’t simply assume that cold temperatures will solve the problem for you. Always contact a professional bee removal service as soon as possible.

Moisture Barrier

This is probably the most damaging consequence of bees inside a home: the removal of the home’s moisture barrier inside the walls. Once the hive moves inside your walls, the nest will expand once more and more honey is produced. Once the hive expands to a certain size, it will begin to press against the moisture barrier and the building felt of your walls. The bees will chew through this barrier and get to the actual surface of the wall, causing even more damage as they do.

Don’t let bees destroy your home from the inside out! Avoid major repairs and contact Essential Pest Control if you’re in need of Tucson bee removal services today.

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