Bending over backwards to get rid of Weeds?

Weed Control TucsonWeed seedlings are constantly blowing in from our desert environment as part of plants reproductive process.  This natural process unfortunately causes unsightly weeds to pop up in unwanted areas like your yard.  As a result, property owners have to spend a significant amount of time and effort pulling these unsightly weeds.  Essential offers a Weed Management program to make Weed Control less time consuming and easier for our clients.

When receiving Weed service around your home or business, Essential will eliminate seedlings from growing and kill any existing weeds that have popped up in your yard.  Our technicians are trained to get rid of Weeds and provide quality service.


 HOA Pre-emergent Application

HOA Pre-emergent Application

These include hard to control plants in the Tucson region such as:



checkRussian Thistle

checkLondon Rocket

checkBermuda Grass

Essential will apply a per-emergence herbicide that is designed to stop seeds from germinating, thus eliminating future weed growth.  Then a post-emergence herbicide is applied to kill existing weeds in the yard.  A temporary blue dye indicator is used to insure proper coverage of the service area.  Finally, a recurring service regiment is set up to maintain the chemical barriers and to eliminate any sporadic weed growth.  The re-occurring service regiment will be determined by the property type, location, weed pressure, and client expectations.

To find out more ways to get rid of Weeds, or receive a Weed Control quote for your home or business, call Essential today!

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