5 Best Bed Bug Prevention Measures

bed bug

Did you know that 99.6% of pest control professionals have performed bed bug removals services in the past year? This is higher than the rate five, 10, and 15 years ago. It can be frustrating that bed bug infestations are so common, and you certainly want to avoid the situation if you can. To be on guard against these terrifying, bloodsucking pests, here are some of the best methods to prevent bed bugs from finding the underside of your pillow.

Use caution with used furniture

Going over an old couch with a fine tooth comb can be annoying, sure, but you know what’s more annoying? Bed bugs, fleas, termites, and all kinds of nasty hitchhikers that could be lurking in used furniture.

Clean your home

Bed bugs aren’t necessarily more attracted to dirty homes, but if your place is cluttered and messy they will have an easier time hiding in what could be plain sight. Plus, a clean home never hurt anyone.

Door sweeps

If you live in an apartment or shared house, you might want to get a door sweep. They run horizontally along the gap between the bottom of a door and the floor, preventing drafts and small creatures from entering.

Check your mattress

Bed bugs hide in your bed, as shocking as that sounds. Check the seams and piping of your mattress, especially on the underside and corners. Couch cushions, drapes, and even your dresser drawer can harbor these insect horrors as well.

Know the signs

If you see rusty red splotches on your sheets, small white eggs, larvae, or even bed bugs themselves, it’s time to call a bed bug service. These pests are particularly difficult to get rid of without the right tools, and the infestation will only get worse with time. Also, be on the lookout for mysterious bug bites that appear on your exposed skin overnight.

If you have taken all the precautions above and you still find signs of these relentless pests, you will need bed bug control in Tucson right away. There is nothing to stop their growing population once they take hold, and at-home remedies range from ineffective to plain dangerous! We take the removal of all pests seriously and understand the dire need for high-quality bed bug control in Tucson. Call today if you don’t want the bed bugs to bite.

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