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Pigeons and Bird Control in Tucson, AZ

Birds and pigeons are commonly considered cute or even majestic. However some species can be an extreme nuisance pests. Birds cause damage and can even spread diseases. Enemy #1 in the skies is the Pigeon. Many often refer to Pigeons as the rats of the sky. Providing artificial food sources may be inviting more trouble than you would expect.

The Pigeon, also known as the Rock Dove is an easily recognizable bird about 13 inches in length. Pigeons have plump bodies, small heads and short legs. They can vary in color from white to black, but are most often gray in appearance. These birds always have friends, and are part of large flocks.

Pigeon populations can build vary quickly. Pigeons can live anywhere from 4 to 12 years. Females sexually mature in 6 months. They lay approximately 2 eggs at a time, that will incubate in about 18 days. Female Pigeons can have 5 broods per year. That is potentially 10 pigeons a year. A flock of 20 birds could easily grow to 250 plus birds within a year.

What makes pigeons problematic is not just the overwhelming number of birds, but more importantly their filthy habits. Pigeons make their nests loosely constructed of twigs and debris. Over time these nests will become hardened with feces and become breeding sites for parasites that are harmful to humans. Due to the abundance of birds, the spread of droppings and feces will build up around roosting and sunning spots. Feces waste can easily build to be over 2-3 inches thick.

Pigeon Waste Tucson (3)To make matters worse the feces is highly acidic. Despite any effort to disinfect and clean pigeon waste, evidence of pigeon infestation remains in form of permanent staining and pitting of surfaces. Issues of disease and acidic feces don’t even address the most pressing issue to people of the birds annoying behavior. Their droppings and constant presence often irritate neighbors, residents and clients.

How to Get Rid of Pigeons with Bird Control

So what can be done? Pigeon problems can be overwhelming and you will need the assistance of a bird service professional. You may think simply shooting them with a pellet gun maybe reasonable, however the City of Tucson will impose fines and possible criminal actions against you.

Bird Removal in Tucson, AZ

Usually a two step process is necessary for Pigeon control and Bird Control. The first is to trap the birds to reduce the population to a controllable level. The second is to put up physical deterrents or barriers to prevent nesting or roosting. Often much care in design or customization of deterrents is necessary to be effective and to maintain the esthetics of a property. If you need assistance with a Bird Control issue, Essential is there to help.

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