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Hire a Pro for Your Pest Problem

Hire a Pro for Your Pest Problem   When you moved into your home, you probably didn’t expect to share it with uninvited guests. But pests will move in anywhere they can find food, water, and shelter. When you see pests, it’s best to have professionals deal with the infestation. Here’s a look at a […]

A Quick Guide on Bed Bugs

A Quick Guide on Bed Bugs Bed bugs have become a big issue in recent years, infesting homes apartments, assisted living, public transportation and just about everywhere. Here’s a guide to what they look like, where they are found and how to get rid of them. What Bed Bugs Look Like An adult bed bug […]

3 Types of Termites Found in Tucson

  3 Types of Termites Found in Tucson All 3 types of termites found in Tucson may be small, but they can cause significant damage to any property. If you see any evidence of a termite infestation in your home or around your yard, it’s time to call for professional termite control. While termites look […]

5 Reasons Not to DIY a Termite Treatment

5 Reasons Not to DIY a Termite Treatment   There are many DIY jobs one can tackle over the weekend. Place stepping stone, paint touch ups and minor hedge/tree trimming. One job that is best left to the pros is termite treatment. Here are 5 reasons to reconsider and DIY termite treatments.   Treatment Expenses […]

Things To Do To Keep Termites Out Of Your Home

Termites are so small and inconspicuous that many homeowners rarely see them. The results of a termite infestation, however, are all too obvious. If termites are permitted to chew away without interruption, they can cause major damage to your property. That’s why it’s so critical to try to keep termites away from your home. Here are […]

3 signs you have a Bed Bug infestation

Bed bugs – small insects that feed on human blood. Smaller than a quarter inch long, they are very difficult to spot. They can be found anywhere, from houses to nursing homes, public transportation and hotels.  Usually the first signs of bed bugs are bites. Small bites clustered in a group or line on your […]

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3 Signs of Termites and & 3 Ways To Prevent Them

3 Signs of Termites, 3 Ways to Prevent Them   Termites are discovered in more than 5 million homes on average each year in the United States. NPMA estimates termite damage costs U.S. homeowners $5 billion each year. You may have heard this saying before this before.. It’s not if, but when will you have […]

Roaches, the Unwanted Guest

Roaches, the Unwanted Guest People still somewhat isolating themselves due to COVID19 this summer may discover they have unwelcome guests — cockroaches. Roaches are a common problem just about everywhere, even in homes that are kept very clean.  Their presence is is even more visible now that temperatures are on the rise. Pest control experts […]

Termites and Property Damage

Termites and Property Damage   Termites cause around $5 billion of property damage every year in the United States. One of the reasons for this is that termite activity often progresses undetected until the damage inflicted is severe and widespread. It’s essential for all homeowners to know what to watch out for, and to contact […]

Bees, Wasps and Hornets – How to Tell Them Apart

Bees, Wasps and Hornets – How to Tell Them Apart It is prime season for bees, wasps and hornets to peruse flowers and backyard barbecues, making making it highly likely to encounter one of the three. Despite the fact that they are all capable of stinging you, the three are actually pretty different.   Honey […]

The dangerous 6 – 6 dangerous insects to lookout for

The dangerous 6 – 6 dangerous insects to lookout for   This list of the 6 dangerous insects is an interesting one to say the least. One insect on the list is near the top for all animals in North America.   Bees – The most lethal insect. Bees rank highly across animal-related death research, […]

Fire Ants – The Painful Sting

Fire Ants – The Painful Sting Description and Habits The Fire Ant has a shiny bright red head and body with a black abdomen. These red ants build large mound nests that are flattened, irregular in shape, and between two and four square feet in size. They are commonly introduced into new areas through potted plants, […]

Commercial Pest Control

The Importance of Pest Control

The Importance of Pest Control   Commercial Pest Management   Homeowners often wait to see pests before contacting a pest control company, even though a proactive approach works best. Business owners don’t have this luxury! pests like termites, bed bugs, and bees must be managed before they become a major problem. Otherwise, the business’ fiscal […]

Southern Arizona’s Worst Weeds

  A Guide to Southern Arizona’s Worst Weeds   If you care about your landscaping, weeds are likely to feel like the bane of your existence. Weeds can spring up virtually anywhere around your home, interfering with the look of your yard and forcing you to waste time pulling them. If you can’t seem to get rid of your […]

COVID-19 and Pests – Important Info

                              During this time there are lots of questions surrounding the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), including how it’s spread. As we enter spring, there may be concerns about disease transmission from insects. It is very important to note that coronavirus is not […]

Are You Having A Pigeon Problem?

Are You Having A Pigeon Problem?   Feral pigeons are the number one urban feathered pest, creating a quite a mess and causing damage where they roost. Pigeons are descendants of domesticated European homing pigeons, so they have a varied diet like grain to human takeaway food. Pigeons feel relatively comfortable making their homes in […]

Bee Removal

Bees Can Destroy Homes From the Inside Out

Bees Can Destroy Homes From the Inside Out Bees can do so much more damage to your home than most people think. Bees Can Destroy! Aside from the physical damage and potential allergic dangers these pests cause, they can also cause serious and expensive damage to the actual structure of a building. Here are some […]

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3 Ways to Keep Rodents Out – 2020 Edition

  3 Ways to Keep Rodents Out – 2020 Edition Did you know that rats are capable of entering structures through a hole smaller than a quarter? The mouse, on the other hand, can squeeze into holes as small as a dime. Unfortunately, old homes are full of cracks, holes, nooks, and crannies for these […]

Bed Bug Control

Bed Bugs: Where they are, why they stay!

  Bed Bugs: Where they are, why they stay!   When your home becomes infested with bed bugs, it isn’t because you did anything wrong. These tiny vampires really are out to get you. It isn’t bad luck, and it doesn’t mean your home is dirty. Bed bugs naturally feed on human blood, which is […]

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Avoid Bed Bugs While Traveling

Avoid Bed Bugs While Traveling  If there’s one thing every traveler dreads, it’s bed bugs. These pests may be small, but they’re frustratingly difficult to get rid of once you have them in your home. Unfortunately, it’s all too easy to pick up these unwanted travelers when you’re on the road. Here are some tips […]

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