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Essential Has a Referral Program for Pest Control Discounts

Here at Essential, we value our customers and the business we share with them.  As an existing client, if you refer another customer to Essential, you will receive a $25.00 pest control discount towards your next pest control service.  But wait, it gets better!  Not only will you receive the discount, but your friend or […]

Tucson Pest Control

Is there such thing as a beautiful flying bug?

Here in Arizona, we experience a variety of bug interactions.  One of the most popular and easily identified bugs is the Butterfly.  There are over 250 species of Butterflies in the Sonoran Desert. One of the most distinguished and noticeable traits of a Butterfly are its wings.  At a distance, the first things we notice […]


Looking for a unique gift idea?

With the upcoming holidays, some of you may be struggling to come up with a unique gift idea.  One of the greatest gifts you can give is free Pest Control services!  Here at Essential, we offer a wide range of Pest Control gift certificates to help your loved ones.  Don’t forget, we cover Termite, Pest, […]

Paper Wasp stings worse than a paper cut

Most, if not all of you, have experienced the stinging pain of a paper cut before. But what about the sting from a Paper Wasp? Fact is, you usually only get one paper cut that stings for a little while, and then you move forward with your day. However, you can receive the sting from […]

House Fly Frenzy!

One of the most familiar and disturbing pest is the House Fly. Places with big agricultural settings frequently have a great fly population. House flies are about 1/4 of an inch in size, and dark gray in color. They are also covered with fine hairs and have four stripes on their thorax. Although this pest […]

Roly Poly Olies!

Roly Polys, the most famous bug for turning into a ball when you hold them. But did you know they are actually called Pillbugs? The common name Roly Poly comes from their ability to roll into a tight ball. So why do they roll into a tight ball? For protection. Pillbugs have oval bodies and […]

Jiminy Cricket and his buddies are chirping up a storm!

Although lots of homeowners would prefer less sleepless nights from chirping crickets, the Chinese and Japanese think quite the opposite. Did you know that the Chinese and Japanese place crickets in cages to liven up their rooms with the chirping from crickets? It’s true! They also believe crickets to be good luck. But are they […]

Cockroaches invade homes for Winter hybernation

With Winter approaching, certain pests move indoors to stay warm.  What does this mean for home?  You guessed it, infestation!  Cockroaches are just one pest that will invade your home to stay out of the cold winter weather.  The question is, how can you keep roaches out of your home this winter? Cockroaches are one […]

Kissing Bugs give not so pleasant kisses

Although you may think that kissing bugs leave kisses, the result can be much more displeasing. The truth? Kissing bugs bite, not kiss. You may be wondering why they’re called kissing bugs, but that’s actually just a name we’ve given them. The reason is quite simple. Kissing bugs tend to bite on the face near […]


Do Earwigs really crawl in your ear while you’re sleeping?

If you’re not familiar with Earwigs, you may think that they got the name Earwig because they crawl into your ear and eat your brains. That’s exactly what Taylor Swift thought when she heard about them. Check out Taylor Swift on Ellen sharing her Earwig story. Now here’s the truth about this pest. Earwigs, also […]

Pack Rat Tucson

The amazing link between pests and Asthma

Having a child with asthma can be very scary. Asthma is behind ¼ of all emergency cases each year, over a million cases each year and it is the most common chronic disease in children. The shocker is 60 % of all asthma attacks are allergy related. If you are not familiar with what happens […]

Pack Rat

Pack Rat Removal

Tucson natives often refer to the common Woodrat as a Pack Rat.  This is due to the common behavior of hoarding debris and materials to form nasty nests.  Nests in the desert normally consist of branches, mesquite pods and other debris packed into prickly pear cactus or other dense shrubs.  Unfortunately when these pest find […]

Pigeon Control

Bird Control Tucson AZ

Pigeons and Bird Control in Tucson, AZ Birds and pigeons are commonly considered cute or even majestic. However some species can be an extreme nuisance pests. Birds cause damage and can even spread diseases. Enemy #1 in the skies is the Pigeon. Many often refer to Pigeons as the rats of the sky. Providing artificial […]

What Termite Treatment is ideal for you?

Finding out your home is being invaded by termites is quite a disappointment for any homeowner.  The first question that comes to mind for most clients is, what do I do?  It is important to know your options when it comes to investing into a Termite Treatment. First and foremost, the treatment you decide to […]

Termite Service

The Why and the How of Termites in the home

When homeowners discover they have subterranean termites they often ask a couple basic questions.  “Why are there termites in my home?”  “How do they get in?”  Both questions have fairly simple explanations. The why is that our homes are a perfect food source opportunity for termites.  Our homes are filled with cellulose (wood) material to […]

Black Widow

Why Are Black Widows Dangerous

Summer has come to end and homeowners will be starting to store their summer toys away for the winter.  Whether it is pool supplies or camping gear it is not uncommon to stumble across Black Widows.  The message is look before you reach when getting items from your garage or shed in Tucson. Black Widow […]

Pest Control Tucson

How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes

With all the recent monsoon rains, Mosquito breeding will be on the rise.   Aside from their capability to carry diseases, such as the West Nile Virus or Yellow fever, mosquitoes can be quite irritating.  We all know them as flying blood suckers that can make us itch for days.  However, there are preventative actions you […]


Termites and Water

Termites and Water It’s that time of year again!  There is no doubt Tucson’s monsoon season is underway.  We know how to protect ourselves from this rainy weather, but what can you do to protect your home from those awful pests it brings?  So what bug are we expecting to rule out most this stormy […]

Flying Ants

It’s a bird, it’s a fly…..No It’s Flying Ants or is it Termites?

Most of us have heard of flying ants, and some of you may have experienced a swarm of them around your home. But what about flying termites? Yes, they exist. The question is, how do you tell them apart? Although both are small insects that can fly, you may not be able to tell the […]

Spring Pest Control

Scorpions, Pest Control Enemy #1

Pest control clients obviously don’t like bugs, but Scorpions are actually feared for a good reason.  Tucson’s local bark scorpion is highly venomous. Bark Scorpions are between ¼” – 3” in size and light tan in color, this is the most common scorpion in southern Arizona.  The venom in this scorpion contains a potent neurotoxin.  […]