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5 Best Bed Bug Prevention Measures

Did you know that 99.6% of pest control professionals have performed bed bug removals services in the past year? This is higher than the rate five, 10, and 15 years ago. It can be frustrating that bed bug infestations are so common, and you certainly want to avoid the situation if you can. To be on guard against these terrifying, bloodsucking pests, here are some of the best methods to prevent bed bugs from finding […]

Mouse House: 3 Ways To Keep Rodents Out

Did you know that rats are capable of entering structures through a hole only half an inch wide? The mouse, on the other hand, can squeeze into holes as small as a quarter inch. Unfortunately, old homes are full of cracks, holes, nooks, and crannies for these pests to wriggle through. This could explain your recent rodent infestation; however, it’s also an important part of the solution. When you put rodent control in control of […]

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Debunking 3 Common Myths About Bed Bugs

Debunking 3 Common Myths About Bed Bugs Of all pests that can infest a residential home, many experts consider bed bugs to be among the most difficult to get rid of. The top three places where pest professionals report finding bed bugs are apartments/condominiums (95%), single-family homes (93%), and hotels/motels (75%). Regardless of where the infestation starts, it’s important to know the facts, which often get overshadowed by the plethora of incorrect information getting circulated. […]

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The 3 Threats Rodents Pose and Why Your Cat Doesn’t Care

As we’ve learned from Tom and Jerry, cartoon cats aren’t very good at catching cartoon mice. Back in the days before zany anthropomorphic TV animals, cats and humans became friends. This is a classic example of a common enemy forging a friendship. See, the agricultural revolution brought stability to the food supply, yet it attracted unwelcome attention from rodents. Looking for food, rats and mice made a mess of crops, spread diseases, and became a […]


5 Odd Ways To Catch Rodent Invaders

Did you know that a rat has a ‘home range’ of between 50 and 150 feet of its nest? Mice, on the other hand, typically live within 10-30 feet from their nest. Rodents are a big problem for many people living in homes all across the world. The question is, how do you get rid of them? When all of your go-to solutions fall flat and it becomes obvious that the invading rodents are wise […]

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It’s Time To Talk About The Terrors Of Termites

Did you know that data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture shows that residents of the U.S. spend at least $1 billion on termite repairs and control every year? This is a conservative report, as some experts estimate a total closer to $2 billion. A termite infestation, then, is no joke. But how can you tell if you have termites in your home, why do termite infestations happen, and what termite control services are available to help? […]

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Termite Problems Turn Tragic If You Don’t Do 1 Simple Thing

Pest control in the United States is no joke. In fact, by 2016 it was predicted that pest control services would generate a revenue of $12.29 billion dollars. Much of this revenue comes from termite infestations. So many southern homes, in both humid and dry climates, fall victim to termites every year. In fact, 600,000 more homes will suffer this grim fate in 2018. These little wood devouring nuisance insects destroy property like it’s their […]

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What Can A Termite Really Do To My Home?

With winter on the way, termites are highly active here in Arizona. This can be frustrating what with the holiday season approaching and the promise of relatives coming to visit. The last thing homeowners want to be thinking about is a possible infestation and termite control. However, it’s best to be prepared and on your guard rather than hoping for the best. Homes with the firmest of foundations and the most secure walls, windows, and […]

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Common Misconceptions About Termites That Could Put Your Home At Risk

Termites are one of the most annoying insects on the face of the planet, and these winged pests damage approximately 600,000 homes in the U.S. every year. While these nuisance insects do play an important role in the ecosystem, they’re not like bees, as bee removal specialists encourage you to remove bees without killing them. But when termites have set up shop inside your home, extermination is the only viable solution. Termites cause billions of […]

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How To Detect And Get Rid Of The Termites In Your Home

Termites are one of the most problematic pests in the United States. In a single year, termites cost property owners across the country a grand total of $1 billion to $2 billion, on average, in property damage. Therefore, if you’re worried about possible termite infestation, you’re not alone. One of the key challenges of knowing whether or not to call a professional termite control service is determining whether the insects in your home are termites […]

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What Can I Do To Control A Bee Infestation In My House?

In any given year, the United States spends up to $9 billion in total controlling fleas alone. Of course, that’s just one common household pest. While pest control services are often called on to take care of these terrorizing, tiny creatures, we often don’t think of the dangers of a bee infestation inside our home. We know that bees often make their hives in hollow trees or rock crevices, but sometimes they’ll make their way into the […]

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How To Detect Termites Before Your Home Is Infested

Like bed bugs, termites are often able to infect your home easily. They’re often difficult to detect before they become a full infestation and you need to call professional termite control. Did you know a termite can enter your home through a space as small as 1/32nd of an inch? You do now. But how can you protect your home from an insect that can go undetected for so long? By knowing the five reasons […]

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Why You Have Bed Bugs And Why They Won’t Leave

hen your home becomes infested with bed bugs, it isn’t because you did anything wrong. These tiny vampires really are out to get you. It isn’t bad luck, and it doesn’t mean your home is dirty. Bed bugs naturally feed on human blood, which is why they’re attracted to our body heat and breath. Still, you may be wondering just how it is that bed bugs managed to get into your home. This is a […]

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Don’t DIY: Leave Bee Control To The Professionals

Why You Should Leave Bee Control To The Professionals American pest control services were projected to reach a revenue of up to 12.29 billion dollars by 2016. This is because in an age of DIY projects pest control is something you absolutely want to leave up to the professionals. Getting rid of pests such as fleas, rats, and bees on your own may seem like a great idea at the time. But in reality, trying […]

5 Big Signs You May Have Drywood Termites

5 big signs you may have termites. As their name suggests, drywood termites primarily live in conditions where they find dry wood. They can be found in home foundations , door and window frames and can go undetected by the residents of the home for ages. They frantically feed on any piece of wood found anywhere around the household. If you are aware of drywood termites are in the neighborhood, especially at this time of […]

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Termites Can Damage Your City Home, But You Can Keep Them Out

While pests like termites and fleas may typically lurk in high grasses or moist environments, homeowners often forget that termites are capable of invading any home. Even homeowners in dry or urban settings need to be cautious. This is particularly true in Arizona where the state’s termites live and breathe for the hot, dry weather and don’t need moisture to stay alive. Getting rid of termites as soon as possible with the help of professional […]

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Why You’re Not Getting Rid Of Those Pesky Fleas

Every year, Americans spend approximately $9 billion on flea control. Partly, this is because fleas are like the common cold: incredibly annoying and seemingly impossible to avoid. However, the amount of money Americans spend on flea control is also partly because of the common mistakes that are made when attempting to get rid of them. Here are some common pest control mistakes you’re making for treating your pets for fleas and what you can do […]

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Hornets, Wasps, and Bees, Oh My! How to Tell the Difference

It’s easy to hear buzzing and automatically reach for the phone and seek out pest control services. But before you exterminate some potentially harmless honeybees, it’s important that you’re able to tell the difference between the dangerous buzzers and the friendly ones. When we say dangerous buzzers, we mean hornets and wasps. To many people, these little stingers are the purest evil mankind will ever face. While those people aren’t wrong, they do sometimes lump […]

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Bed Bugs 101: What They Are And How To Get Rid Of Them

Bug infestations can be an incredibly irritating and uncomfortable experience that makes your skin crawl. While many bug prevention systems exist, there’s always a chance that some pest is going to make its way past your home’s defenses. This is particularly true during the summer when doors and windows are more likely to remain open. And after a particularly mild winter, insect populations are often much larger and more robust than usual. However, while ants […]

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Common Bug Infestations And How To Prevent Them

Summer is often a time of fun in the sun with trips to the beach, camping, and routine visits to the dog park. However, for homeowners, summer is also the time of potential bug infestation as insects look to colonize and reproduce with renewed life. Keeping bugs out of your home may seem impossible during the dog days what with the door continuously opening and closing as family members and friends come in and out […]