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Tips for Preventing a Pack Rat Infestation

Tips for Preventing a Pack Rat Infestation Pack rats may look cute with their big ears, but they are still persistent and troublesome pests. Unfortunately, pack rats are a particularly irritating problem during the colder months. As the temperature starts to fall, these rodents start looking for warm buildings to move into—and that often means […]

Five Persistent Pests of the Fall Season

                    Five persistent pests of the fall season You are probably excited for the fall season and the cooler weather that comes with it. Well, along with the cooler temps comes the pests. We’ve listed 5 of the pests that will potentially pay you a visit […]

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Signs that Pack Rats Have Moved into Your Yard

At first blush, you might consider pack rats to be a cute animals. But after it’s inflicted costly damage on your property and possessions, you’ll probably think twice about this initial assessment. Pack rats are incredibly destructive rodents, and they’re tricky to get rid of on your own. Call a pest management company if you […]

Fire ants form creepy floating ‘islands’ to survive Hurricane Florence

Millions and millions of fire ants forming islands and floating on flood waters. #HurricaneFlorence — Gadi Schwartz (@GadiNBC) September 17, 2018

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Why You Should Let a Professional Handle Your Pest Problem

When you moved into your home, you probably didn’t expect to share it with uninvited guests. But pests will move in anywhere they can find food, water, and shelter, and they aren’t shy about extending their visit indefinitely. When you see pests, it’s best to have professionals deal with the infestation. Here’s a look at […]

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Exploring the History of Bed Bug Infestations Across America

Bed bugs have plagued human civilizations for millennia. Fossilized bed bugs have been found at ancient Egyptian sites, and these tiny critters made appearances in ancient Greek plays by the famed writer Aristophanes. But here in America, these pests have a much shorter history. Historians believe that infestations have colonial origins, in part because Native […]


A Guide to the Most Common Types of Termites

Termites may be small, but they can cause significant damage to any property. If you see any evidence of a termite infestation in your home or around your yard, it’s time to call for professional termite control. While termites look the same to most of us, there are some important differences between them. Here is […]


Why Professional Kitchens Need Professional Pest Control

Effective pest management is a must for any commercial building, but it’s especially important for professional kitchens. If you suspect that you have a potential pest problem in or near your kitchen, contact an experienced pest control company immediately. These are a few of the reasons why it’s essential to rely on professionals for pest […]

How Big Roaches Can Cause Big Problems

If there’s one guest that’s always unwelcome, it’s the cockroach. These infuriatingly persistent pests can be found on every continent except Antarctica, and unfortunately, that sometimes means that they can be found in your home, too. Roaches aren’t just annoying—they’re actively destructive and dangerous. Continue reading to learn why you should never wait to have […]

Army Ants Build Hanging bridge to Wasps Nest

                Impressive and scary at the same time! This video captures over a million army ants working together to build a bridge designed to help invade a giant wasp nest. The highly organized ants were captured on camera by an electrical engineer, Francisco Boni. Boni wrote on Twitter: […]

How Are Termites Treated?

Termites are among the most common pests in the world. Unfortunately, they’re also among the most destructive. Left to their own devices, a colony of termites will eat up as much wood as it can find, which can result in extensive property damage. If you’re concerned that you may have a termite infestation on your […]

How to Prevent a Monsoon Season Mosquito Infestation

Monsoon season is here, and longtime residents of Southern Arizona know what that means: flooded roads in Tucson, high winds, and plenty of water on the ground. Unfortunately, monsoon season is also prime mosquito season. If you’re not careful, the rainy months could usher in a full-blown mosquito infestation in your yard. Here’s how to […]

Why Are Roaches So Tough to Get Rid of?

According to popular legend, cockroaches are so tough they could survive a nuclear blast. While this isn’t true, they’re definitely difficult to eradicate from a home or business once an infestation takes hold. If you see one roach scurrying across your kitchen floor, it’s a safe bet that your home is harboring more of these […]

What Can You Do to Keep Termites Out of Your Home?

Termites are so small and inconspicuous that many homeowners rarely see them. The results of a termite infestation, however, are all too obvious. If termites are permitted to chew away without interruption, they can wreak major damage on your property. That’s why it’s so critical to try to keep termites away from your home. Here are […]

Why Commercial Properties Should Be Free of Weeds and Pests

If you manage a commercial property, one of your first priorities should be making sure that your property is clean and safe for everybody. That means ensuring that there are no pest infestations, and it also means eliminating weeds. Why exactly is this so important? Here’s a look at why you need to keep both […]

Signs That Termites Have Invaded Your Yard

If there’s one insect that spells trouble for any homeowner, it’s termites. This small but troublesome creature can eat its way through your yard and home, ruining anything made of wood and leaving you with an expensive repair bill. That’s why it’s so important to watch for any signs that the pests have moved into […]


What Kind of Damage Can Termites Cause?

Termites don’t look particularly dangerous. In fact, these insects are so small and inconspicuous that many homeowners with termite problems never actually see the pests themselves. Don’t be fooled by their appearance, however—termites can wreak serious damage wherever they go. These are some of the different types of damage that termites can cause around your […]

How To Identify Termites

How To Identify Termites Before Your Home Is Infested Despite all the disbelief, their are termites in Tucson and thrive in the desert. These tiny creatures are often able to infect your home with ease. They’re often difficult to detect before they become a full infestation and you need to call professional termite control. Did […]

Your Crash Course on Bed Bugs

Cimex lectularius, or the common bed bug, has plagued humans for centuries. Aristotle wrote about them, briefly, as did the famous Greek playwright Aristophanes. These days, bed bugs benefit from the modern transportation system. They readily hitch rides on travelers’ luggage, and cause infestations in homes and businesses all around the world. Bed bugs are tricky to get rid of—you’ll […]

Scorpions of Tucson – What you need to know

Bark Scorpion Description: Generally between ¼” – 3” and light tan in color, this is the most common scorpion in southern Arizona.  The venom in this scorpion contains a potent neurotoxin.  It has two slender claws and a tiny black dot above its stinger. Behavior: The bark scorpion is an excellent climber.  This scorpion is […]