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Brown Dog Tick


The Brown Dog Tick may reach nearly 1/4-inch in length. However, when engorged, the female may measure about 1/2-inch.  This tick is a dark reddish brown with no markings.


Brown Dog Ticks primarily feed on dogs, but will also attach themselves to many other animals and even people. On dogs, adult ticks are usually found on the ears and between the toes. The Brown Dog Tick will attach itself to a dog by crawling up on grasses, bushes, and other shrubbery. It can be easily brought into a home on the family dog.  They will commonly lay their eggs in cracks and crevices.  Ticks can survive up to eight months without a blood meal. The brown dog tick can transmit diseases to humans.


Tick on Dog

An inspection is crucial in order to identify where the ticks are hiding.  Removal of organic debris from the yard will reduce hiding places for the ticks.  Dogs should be dipped and treated with tick control products.  Exterior treatments include granules, residual sprays, and dusts.  Interior treatments target cracks and crevices throughout the building.

Fun Fact:

Female ticks have the ability to lay up to 5,000 eggs at one time.