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Bumble Bee

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Bumble Bee


Bumble BeeA bumble bee can be up to 1 inch in length.  They are usually black with yellow stripes on the thorax and abdomen.


Bumble bees live in colonies. Each spring a queen will find an appropriate nesting site and form her colony. Nesting sites are often abandoned rodent burrows underneath concrete or wood piles.  Her first eggs grow into workers that feed on pollen and nectar.  The bees are capable of a painful sting when defending their nest. The colony produces several queens in the fall.  These queens will begin new colonies in the spring season.


Bee Pollinating

Reducing the amount of rodents and their burrows will help prevent bumblebees from nesting.  A bumble bee can be aggressive, so control should be carried out by a professional.  Direct insecticide applications to nest areas are very effective.

Fun Fact:

Bumble bees do produce honey, but it is not edible to humans.