Is there such thing as a beautiful flying bug?

Here in Arizona, we experience a variety of bug interactions.  One of the most popular and easily identified bugs is the Butterfly.  There are over 250 species of Butterflies in the Sonoran Desert.

CityOne of the most distinguished and noticeable traits of a Butterfly are its wings.  At a distance, the first things we notice about a Butterfly are the colors and pattern of their wings.  However, if you were to look at a Butterfly up close, it’s much more complex.  Butterfly wings are made of small over-lapping scales. Each of these scales are one solid color, but put them together and you’ll see a pattern.  These patterns are viewed by most as beautiful or fascinating.

Did you know there is a Butterfly exhibit in Tucson, AZ? Click here for more: Tucson Botanical Gardens

Butterflies are one of the most important pollinators.  One of the most populated Butterflies in our region are Snout Butterflies.  Here in the Sonoran Desert, you will see them most during the Summer and Fall.  Their wingspan is nearly 2 inches in length, and usually a mix of orange and brown in color.  Although these bugs may be a beautiful site to some, they can be quite the disturbance to others.

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Research credit to Sonoran Desert Museum.

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