What Can I Do To Control A Bee Infestation In My House?

bee removal

In any given year, the United States spends up to $9 billion in total controlling fleas alone. Of course, that’s just one common household pest. While pest control services are often called on to take care of these terrorizing, tiny creatures, we often don’t think of the dangers of a bee infestation inside our home.

We know that bees often make their hives in hollow trees or rock crevices, but sometimes they’ll make their way into the walls of your home. Bees, wasps, and hornets can slip through the smallest of cracks, then build a nest in an attic, crawlspace, or vent without you even realizing it. While bees are a valuable part of our ecosystem, they can be inconvenient or dangerous to have in and around your home. So what can you do to control a bee infestation?

Be cautious around the hive
One of the first steps to getting rid of a bee infestation in your home is to remain cautious of the bees. Panicking and harming a beehive out of fear can be detrimental not only to the bees but also to your own health.

Bees aren’t traditionally aggressive and unlike bed bugs and fleas, they don’t rely on you and your blood for their own survival. They’re simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.

However, in the event that the swarm in your home becomes aggressive or agitated, it’s essential that you exercise caution around the hive. This is especially true if the hive isn’t made up of honeybees, but are actually wasps or yellow jackets. If you or someone in your home has a bee allergy, consider staying away from the home during the bee removal process.

Let the professionals handle the bee removal
Fleas and bed bugs can be awful and typically require a pest control company to come get rid of them should the infestation become too overwhelming. However, bee control is something you should absolutely call a professional pest control service for as well.

While you can find DIY remedies online, hacking at a beehive or spraying it with poison will only anger the colony and can lead to a dangerous number of stings from angry, defensive bees. This can be life-threatening if you, or if someone else in the house, is allergic to stinging insects. It’s also dangerous for any pets in the vicinity.

A professional pest control service can easily remove the hive from your home without harming the nest itself by using smoke to sedate the hive. This keeps all the bees intact and all stinging to a minimum. Where the queen goes, the hive goes, and so a simple transfer of the queen bee will typically help to remove the entire nest from your place of residence. Of course, in some cases, extermination is the only realistic option.

Multiple bee stings from an angry hive can be dangerous, even to a person who isn’t allergic. For this reason, always call a pest control service to get rid of a hive that’s made its way into your home. This is one pest control process you don’t want to DIY.

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