Can Scorpions be killed?

One of the most common misconceptions in our industry is that Scorpions can’t be killed.  Although they are hard to kill  because of their exoskeleton, it CAN be done.

Scorpion Control TucsonThe most common Scorpion in our region is the Bark Scorpion.  This stinging insect measures between ¼” – 3” in size and is a light tan color.   The Bark Scorpion is nocturnal and is active in Arizona year round.  Bark scorpions are a challenging pest.  Despite their scary looks and potent sting,  they can be controlled.  Bark scorpions will glow in the dark with the use of an ultra violet (black light) flashlight.

This is caused by their exoskeleton.  Their exoskeleton is also the reason they glow in the dark.  However, regardless of all the cool features a Scorpion has, it’s those same traits that make them harder to kill.

Scorpions glow due to proteins on the outer layer of their exoskeleton.  When they are exposed to ultraviolet in the dark, they create the glow you see in the photo above.  Essential Pest Control can solve any difficult Scorpion problem utilizing our Power Pest Program.  Our service specialist will utilize the latest in technology and make recommendations to provide long term control.

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