What Can A Termite Really Do To My Home?

termite control in tucsonWith winter on the way, termites are highly active here in Arizona. This can be frustrating what with the holiday season approaching and the promise of relatives coming to visit. The last thing homeowners want to be thinking about is a possible infestation and termite control.

However, it’s best to be prepared and on your guard rather than hoping for the best. Homes with the firmest of foundations and the most secure walls, windows, and doors can still fall victim to these invading insects. In fact, termites can squeeze into a space as tiny as 1/32nd of an inch.

Some homeowners believe termites are like ants and can be sprayed with Raid and swept aside without any problem. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case.

What can a termite really do to your home?

Termites love to eat wood. When left alone over a handful of years, they could completely destroy a house before they’re able to be discovered by the property owner. This is because termites are difficult to identify before they mature, making them nearly invisible to the untrained and unsuspecting eye.

Fortunately, termites are often detected before they have the ability to destroy a home. Common signs of household damage caused by termites include:

  • Wood damage. One of the most well-known signs of a termite infestation is wood that appears layered when broken off from the rest of the wall. Wood will also sound hollow when tapped if it’s been severely damaged.
  • Sagging floors. Floors that appear to be blistering, sagging, or feel spongy is often a sign of termites chewing away at the floorboards.
  • Sticking windows. Windows and doors that stick without explanation are sometimes the work of termites tunneling within the frames. This causes the frames to change in shape, resulting in windows and doors that are harder to open and door.

Remove the termites before removing the damage

Before attempting to fix the damage caused to your home by termites, it’s absolutely essential to first take care of the termites in your home. Termite control in Tucson can determine if the damage in your home is really being caused by termites. Once a termite infestation has been detected by professional termite inspectors, you can follow through by hiring a termite control service to completely get rid of your termites.

In most circumstances, termite control in Tucson can get rid of the termites in your home within 24 hours of the exterminator’s visit. This should help keep your home termite-free for up to five years. With the termites taken care of, you won’t have to worry about having the repairs you’ve made become damaged again.

It’s always a good idea to be on the lookout for termites. Their mud tubes, frass, and discarded wings can sometimes go unnoticed until the termites have caused a surprising amount of damage in your home. Fortunately, termite control in Tucson is well-prepared to conquer these insects before they can conquer your home. To take back your home from a termite infestation, contact Essential Pest Control today.

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