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Cat FleaA Cat Flea measures about 1/6-inch in length and are laterally flattened.


The Cat Flea is the most common flea that infests animals.  Cat Fleas can complete their metamorphosis of egg, larva and pupa stage in 30 days.  Eggs are oval-shaped and typically fall from the host animal’s fur to the ground.  They remain there until they emerge into larvae.  Larvae feed on the fecal matter of adults.  Eventually they become pupae and mature into adult cat fleas. Adult cat fleas will live on their host and reproduce after blood meals.

Cats are the common host of the Cat Flea

Cats Are Common Hosts

In order for control measures to be successful, the host animal must be dipped and treated with specialized flea products.  Infested items must be washed or cleaned.  Carpets should be vacuumed thoroughly and the vacuum bag disposed of.  Insecticide applications include growth regulators and residuals.

Fun Fact:

Females can produce up to 360 eggs per day.