Treating for Termites and Termite Prevention

Free Termite InspectionWith Termites causing more damage than fire, floods, and and other natural disasters, Termites threat to wood-based structures is of high priority.  This is especially true in Arizona, as both Subterranean Termites and Drywood Termites tend to be more active in warmer climates.  As a homeowner, the key to preventing Termite damage is by learning how to recognize the warning signs of an infestation.

Your best defense when it comes to Termite control is to take preventative steps before any occurrence of Termites.  Essential is licensed, insured, and holds an excellent record with the Office of Pest Management.  When it comes to Termite control and Termite prevention, Essential uses only the latest technology to document the discoveries of Termite activity.

Treating for Termites and Termite Prevention

Treatment of Termites will depend upon the construction of a structure and personal preferences of the property owner.  There are two treatment options; a conventional liquid treatment or a Termite baiting system.  To help a property owner form such an executive decision, a Termite inspection must be completed.

Termite ControlAnother step when preventing Termite activity is to keep conducive conditions under control.  In the photo to the right you will see a house with a corner covered by vines.  This is a conducive condition for Termites to begin their activity, as well as other pests to become a nuisance entering your home.

Termite inspections should be performed annually to keep Termite infestation and Termite prevention under control.

Essential Provides

Quality Service & Affordable Rates
Free Estimates & Plan Reviews
24-hour service and flexible scheduling
Complete Wood Report & Inspection
Supplemental Reports after Corrective Action
Complete Termite Treatments
Termite Warranties Available

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“Drywood Termites.” Dywood Termites: Drywood Termite Control & Treatment. National Pest Management Association. Web. 24 Aug. 2014.


These are a few testimonials from our loyal clients. The Essential team appreciates their kind words and truly appreciate the opportunity to provide for their pest management services. Pest Control is more than solving pest problems, it is dedication to customer service and meeting the needs of our clients.

“I have been using Essential Pest Control for several years. They took care of a tick outbreak at a home that I had just bought. Their price was more than fair and I got a great warranty. There were no high pressure sales, and they showed up on time (I was very surprised by this because I have used other companies that were very late). I highly recommend this company.”

Will M.

“I just want to say that Essential Pest Managements team is the most professional team that we could ask for! They came out yesterday and recommended that we install a termite pest control system and the very next day at 7:30 a.m. their crew was here and had it installed and on their way in 1 hour! Thank you Jerry and Corinne for such great service!”

Kathy B.

“Wonderful customer service, I would highly recommend this company.”

Angie H.

“I moved into my home about six months ago and didn’t seem to have an issue with bugs until around spring when I found a Scorpion. I heard about Essential from a friend and thought I’d give it a shot. When i called the office the staff was very friendly and asked if I had any concerns with pest in my home. When I mentioned I had seen a scorpion, the girl had seemed concerned about getting someone out right away. She scheduled someone out the next day and not to mention it was a Saturday. The technician John who had came out was very thorough and explained everything to me and answered all the questions I had. He was very polite and clean and knew his stuff. He had many years of experience. He told me not to hesitate to call anytime if I had noticed any pest activity. I highly recommend this company to anyone who is thinking of getting pest control for their home. I couldn’t be happier with the service.”

Brenda L

“Essential pest Management has the most professional staff that I have seen, they truly care about you and your home. I would recommend them to everyone!!!”

Armando Z.

“Robert Romero has managed the termite issues in our home for many years, and we want you to know that he has worked with great dedication and thoroughness to solve our problems. Robert is knowledgeable and friendly, and cares a great deal about customer satisfaction.”

Shelia L

“Corinne Ortiz and everyone I meet with Essential Pest Management is true blue. They are warm, customer service oriented and count-on-able. They also saved us money!”

Tracey B.

“I am very impressed with Essential Pest Management, Mike and Ryan did a good and thorough job when treating the termites in my home. Thank you for your service.”

George W.

“I am very happy with Essential Pest Management Luis is very courteous and knowledgeable”

Rita C.

A Warm Welcome from Essential

Essential is a local Tucson business committed to providing quality pest control services at affordable rates. Essential Pest Management is one of Tucson’s leading pest control providers. We are well known for our signature blue trucks and friendly customer service. Essential’s knowledgeable staff can help solve your pest, termite, and weed control needs.

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Weed Control in Action

Weed Control

There are many reasons to utilize a weed control program. Weeds are time consuming, difficult to control and unsightly. The use of well timed herbicide applications are essential in the maintenance and upkeep of any residential yard or commercial landscape. A weed control program utilizes two stages; a pre-emergence to prevent seeds from germinating and a post-emergence to kill visible weeds.

Pre-emergence herbicides control seedlings before they emerge through the topsoil. These herbicides should be applied twice a year. Pre-emergent applications are most effective when applied in the early Fall (July.-Aug.) and the early Spring (Feb.-Mar.). Essential Pest Control uses a herbicide product designed to limit future weed growth by stopping the seedlings from germinating.

Post-emergence herbicides are used to kill visible weeds. Some weeds may have started growing, but have not emerged through the soil surface, so subsequent visits and applications will be necessary. Post-emergence herbicides ideally should be applied when the weed is actively growing, but if the plant is dormant alternative products are utilized. Essential Pest Control offers several post-emergence programs to control weeds dependent upon the demands of the property including weed pressure, location, landscape, and desired level of control.

So remember, the key to a beautiful, cost effective yet professional looking landscaped yard is a proper herbicide control program. The key to a successful herbicide control program is a proper pre-emergence application and a continued post-emergence application. Whether it is to improve your property’s curb appeal, make your yard the envy of your neighbors, or just save you valuable time and effort Essential Pest Control is your ally in the war against weeds.

See a herbicide application video by clicking on our Weed Control Page

Spring Pest Control Tucson

Spring Pest Control

Spring Pest ControlSpring is a great time of year for service from a local pest control company.  Spring Pest Control can keep insect problems that have not yet spun out of control at bay, and can make it is easier to prevent them.  Pests become more active in spring because the night time temperatures increase.  Many insects begin their reproductive cycles in the spring.  As their numbers increase, so do scorpions and spiders.  These hunters can easily be found around the house in the spring.

Another spring pest control issue that comes to mind is bees.  Spring is when our Africanized honey bees swarm the most.  A resting swarm looks like a big ball of bees.  The swarm of bees is looking for a new place to nest.  Swarms should be considered dangerous, call a professional bee removal service. We also see a lot of wasps in the spring.  The paper wasp will nest in almost any shady area such as bushes, overhangs, and roof vents.


One of the potentially biggest spring pest control probles we see is ants.  With increased plant growth, ants begin foraging more.  Certain ant species begin swarming in the spring as well.  Ant swarming is when winged-reproductive’s fly in search of a mate.

This spring is looking to be very busy.  We have not experienced a hard frost this year and there were some good winter rains.  Please contact us with any bug questions you may have, thank you for using Essential Pest Control.