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Adults are about 7–8 mm in length when the wings are folded back over the body. The wings are a golden buff color with a fringe of long hairs on the margins. The head has a tuft of reddish hairs. Mature larvae are 12–13 mm long.  The bodies are white or cream with a brown head capsule.


It is common to find the larvae feeding under cuffs, collars, and other hidden parts of clothing. Mature larvae feed on woolens beneath a constructed blanket of silk, feces, and pieces of the food source.


Moths Caught On Trap

If infested, clothing, blankets, and tapestries should be laundered or dry cleaned, and stored in an airtight container or bag. Small carpets and throw rugs can be beaten and brushed while hanging from an outside line to remove most, if not all, eggs and larvae. Large area rugs, carpets and large infestation should be treated by a professional.

Fun Fact:

Depending on temperature and humidity, total developmental time (from egg to adult) varies from one to three months and can extend up to three or more years in some situations.