Cockroaches invade homes for Winter hybernation

With Winter approaching, certain pests move indoors to stay warm.  What does this mean for home?  You guessed it, infestation!  Cockroaches are just one pest that will invade your home to stay out of the cold winter weather.  The question is, how can you keep roaches out of your home this winter?

American Roach

American Roach

Cockroaches are one of the oldest surviving insects on earth.  In our region, there are three types of roaches that roam.  The three types are American, Brown Banded, and German roaches.  American roaches are one of the most common household infesting roaches.  These roaches can grow up to almost three inches in length.  They have reddish brown wings and light markings on their thorax.  Gradually, American roaches are being replaced by German roaches and are regularly found in sewers.   German roaches are about an inch long and brown in color.   However, Brown banded roaches are sometimes mistakened for German roaches due to their similarities.  Although they are alike, they can be distinguished from each other based on colorings, markings on their body, and how many eggs they produce.

These three types of cockroaches will be looking for warm places to spend their Winter.  First stop, your home.  If you think you may have a roach problem, you should have a pest control professional inspect the situation before treating for them.  If you’d like to have a courtesy inspection, feel free to call Essential today at (520) 886-3029.

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