Commercial Bed Bug Control in Tucson

Bed Bug Inspection

Bed Bug Inspection

The Growing Bed Bug Problem

The United States is in the midst of a Bed Bug crisis. Over the last decade, a resurgence of Bed Bugs has occurred across the country, including Bed Bugs in Tucson. Experts are blaming the outbreak on increased world travel, pesticide resistance and poor public awareness regarding the insects and their habits. Bed Bugs are not only a nuisance, but they are also a legitimate health concern because they feed on the blood of people and pets.

Bed Bugs are very small and are extremely difficult to detect and eliminate because they hide in cracks and crevices of mattresses, furniture, walls and furnishings around sleeping areas, only exiting to feed. They also multiply rapidly which can present major Bed Bug infestation problems in a short period of time. Relocation of Bed Bugs is another problem. The insects tend to thrive in hotels and multi-unit housing complexes due to the large, frequent and often times unsanitary guests. Bed bugs can easily spread from such establishments to homes because they are highly transient, hitching rides on the luggage, furniture, personal belongings and pets of those who travel or visit friends, which is why Essential offers not only residential, but also, Commercial Bed Bug Treatment.

Bed Bugs Tucson

Bed Bug with Blood

Detecting Bed Bug Infestations

The key to effective Commercial Bed Bug Treatment is early detection. Although Bed Bugs themselves are quite small, they leave behind obvious signs of their presence. Bed Bugs leave physical bites on the skin, which are often accompanied by blood spotting on bed linens due to them feeding on sleeping humans at night. They can also be detected by their fecal matter, eggs and skin castes. These are located around mattress seams or cracks and crevices near the bed where they dwell. This mix of Bed Bug debris looks similar to the sprinklings of salt and pepper.

Essential Provides Bed Bug Solutions

Essential uses the most effective Bed Bug treatment techniques and the latest scientific research to identify, locate and eliminate Bed Bug infestations in businesses. Together with ongoing inspections and treatments, we offer the best commercial Bed Bug control in Tucson.

Due to the complex habits and biology of Bed Bugs, commercial bed bug treatment is most effective when customized to each client situation. Our extermination professionals inspect key hot spots of customer properties and offer treatment plans that fit individual needs and requirements. Essential offers a variety of Bed Bug treatment solutions such as:

Bed Bug Inspection and Identification
Detection and Monitoring Systems
Comprehensive Treatment Strategies
The use of Steam, Heat and other Alternatives
Provide Preventive Mattress Encasements

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