Commercial Termite Inspection in Tucson, Arizona

Commercial Termite Inspection

If you’re renting (or own) commercial space in Tucson, you’ve probably heard of commercial termite inspection. However, most commercial tenants and renters haven’t heard much more than the name. Some insurance companies, rental deals and real estate actions might require one — or you might want to do one before signing a lease. Whatever situation makes you think you need a commercial termite inspection, here’s the 101-level information on what it is, what it’s about, and why you should get one.

What is a Commercial Termite Inspection?

A commercial termite inspection is exactly what it sounds like: a thorough, visual inspection of key parts of your commercial space to see if a termite infestation is likely. It’s done to make sure the building is safe for the public and fair to lease, and to catch infestations early so as to control repair costs later on.

What Does a Commercial Termite Inspection Consist Of?

To inspect your shop or space for termites, we send a team of professionals out to look at the parts of the unit that are most likely to show signs of termite infestation. These include:

  • The building exterior, especially where the outer wall meets the ground.
  • All interior spaces
  • Subspaces like basements and crawlspaces, which are often unseen but the first place termites occupy
  • Any attic or under-roof crawlspace.

In all spaces, the inspector looks for damage that might be caused by termites, actual live termites, and termite spoor including eggs, dead termites and droppings. While they’re at it, they kee an eye out for other wood-destroying insects including carpenter ants, wood-boring beetles, and carpenter bees.

How Much Does a Commercial Termite Inspection Cost?

In business, there are two major kinds of cost: time and money. A typical commercial inspection for an average-sized office or retail space takes about 60 minutes. A larger space naturally takes longer, though a space twice as large takes less than twice as long. Our team can usually schedule an inspection a week or less after your call.

What Happens Next?

After completing the inspection, our professional team leader will complete a report of his findings. If there are no termites, the report certifies the report as of the time of inspection so you have proof that termites were absent at that time. If there are termites, prospective or current tenants can make an informed decision about whether or not to stay in that space. The commercial unit’s owner can work with us directly to remove the termites and quickly as possible to prevent further damage to his investment property.

Not coincidentally, we provide quality-guaranteed commercial and residential termite inspection throughout the Tucson, Arizona area. You can call today to schedule a visit from our termite experts to find out if you have termites, where they’re hiding, and the quickest, safest, least expensive way to get rid of them.

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