Common Bug Infestations And How To Prevent Them

bed bugs

Summer is often a time of fun in the sun with trips to the beach, camping, and routine visits to the dog park. However, for homeowners, summer is also the time of potential bug infestation as insects look to colonize and reproduce with renewed life.

Keeping bugs out of your home may seem impossible during the dog days what with the door continuously opening and closing as family members and friends come in and out of the backyard from BBQs and parties. But getting rid of a simple fly that made its way inside is one thing. Getting rid of an ant colony that’s made its home in your kitchen is another.

To keep your home safe from pests, here are some of the most common bugs that may try to infect your house this summer and how you can prevent them from calling your house their home.

An ant infestation is most likely to happen in your kitchen because it’s where the food is. Food that’s been dropped on the floor and forgotten or has been left on the counter is often a holy grail to ants which have a heightened sense of smell and can lead their entire colony to the source with a simple hormone trail.

Prevent ants from coming into your house by sealing any small cracks with caulk and by wiping down the countertops and floors with vinegar. The strong smell will repulse the ants and hopefully keep them from entering your house.

Bed bugs
Bed bugs can get into your house in a number of ways, but are usually brought into the home through luggage, which is why they typically like to infest places of residence. Because bed bugs are flat, they’re easily able to hide in bedding, furniture, and mattresses. It’s important to get rid of bed bugs as quickly as possible since it typically only requires the presence of a single female bed bug to cause an infestation — female bed bugs can lay more than 200 eggs during their lifetime.

Some ways to prevent bed bugs from getting into your house is not to place your clothing onto any used mattress or furniture directly. Additionally, use plastic bags to encase your clothing into before packing so bed bugs can’t hide in the fabric.

Bees typically cause infestation when they manage to creep into small cracks in the wall. When a house is old, they can burrow into the soft floor boards and build a hive in the wall or floor.

You can prevent a bee infestation by routinely performing maintenance on your house. Make sure there are no cracks in the walls or foundation that could be a welcome area for a hive. However, in the event that a hive has infested your home, bee removal is typically easy as bees travel wherever their queen is moved. A pest control service or beekeeper can spray the bees to calm them down before safely moving them to a new area.

No homeowner likes a bug infestation, which is why it’s important to use pest prevention as much as possible. However, if these common pests do infest your house, a professional pest control service can remove them to keep your home safe from any further damage. Remain aware of any insects in your home and consult a pest control company today should you notice any increased bug activity.

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