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Crazy Ant

Crazy Ants have extremely long legs and antennae and are approximately 1/8 inch long.  They are black in color.


Crazy Ants are known for creating massive colonies with thousands of workers and many queens.  These ants nest under items found on the ground, under potted plants, within landscape mulch, and under ground cover.  Crazy Ants can also nest inside of buildings beneath carpeting and in wall voids.  They prefer to feed on animal matter, grease and other insects, but will also eat sweets.


Prevention techniques include eliminating piles of lumber, brick, or other debris that could be possible nesting sites.  Landscape mulch should be less than 2 inches thick and at least 10-12 inches from the foundation.  Direct insecticide applications to the nest sites are the most effective means of control.

Fun Fact:

Crazy Ants have been found on top floors of large apartment buildings in New York.