Controlling Springtime Pests

Springtime in the Southwest desert is an active season when pests come back to life and begin to invade homes. This is a time when pests begin to start a new life cycle. Some pests may not be noticed until later times in the year such as during the summer months. Temperatures associated with springtime are conducive to the expansion of pest populations requiring preemptive strategies to ensure that pest infestation does not occur. From Crickets to Scorpions and Ants, as well as small rodents and other types of desert invaders, spring is the perfect time to stop these invaders from propagating.

Spring AntScorpions And Spiders Are Especially Of Concern As They Become Highly Active

In fact, there are various types of Ant species that can reproduce at an alarming rate as they release thousands of reproductive winged ants that ultimately produce new colonies. Other types of desert invaders will typically lay eggs as a way to propagate the species. Scorpions and Spiders are especially of concern as they become highly active and begin searching for food that is now “abundant” as spring arrives. As spring slowly turns into Summer, desert invaders continue to reproduce and increase in population.

From Perimeter Treatment To Yard Granulation

Staying ahead of a pest problem simply means working with an experienced and knowledgeable pest control company. Eliminating and preventing pest problems altogether is an achievable goal when you have the right team in your corner. From perimeter treatment to yard granulation treatment, an experienced and highly effective pest control company can provide the expertise and knowledge necessary to keep pests from flourishing. Various programs are designed to control pest infestation inside the home as well as outside.

Essential Offers Many Solutions To Homeowners And Business Owners

Essential Pest Controlent has quickly grown to become one of the most trusted and respected names in pest control from Saddlebrooke to Green Valley, and everywhere in between. Few companies can compare in terms of quality customer service and affordable pest control that gets results. Enjoying the springtime weather in southern Arizona is easier when pests are not a part of the equation. Essential offers many solutions to homeowners and business owners wishing to prevent pest problems. Contact, call, or visit Essential Pest Management today to learn more about highly effective pest control programs that are designed to work.

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