Do Earwigs really crawl in your ear while you’re sleeping?

If you’re not familiar with Earwigs, you may think that they got the name Earwig because they crawl into your ear and eat your brains. That’s exactly what Taylor Swift thought when she heard about them. Check out Taylor Swift on Ellen sharing her Earwig story.

Now here’s the truth about this pest. Earwigs, also known to some as “pincher bugs”, can be quite the pest.  However, although they are considered a pest, some species work in our favor by consuming other insects.  There are 22 types of species that have been found in the United States.

ID EarwigEarwigs are a brownish black color, thin-bodied, and can grow up to an inch in length.  They may or may not have wings, but watch out, they’ve got a mouth made for chewing.  Although they hide during the day, they are quite the opposite at night.  They love to hide and/or rest in dark places, as well as moist cracks.  Some species can’t withstand the heat, so they have to find cool places to rest.  This is believed to be the reason why Earwigs are nocturnal.  Which brings us to our question, do they really crawl in your ear while you’re sleeping?  The answer – quite the opposite.

Earwigs eat plant life.  This includes leaves, flowers, fruits, and fungi.  Earwigs will also feed on insects, such as flies.  What gives these little pest the power to eat a entire fly?  Their cerci, also known to some as pinchers.  These are used as a defense weapon against their prey.  Another way some species of Earwigs defend themselves is by squirting a fowl smelling, yellowish brown liquid.  When it comes to the Earwigs defense mechanism, their cerci is used first, and the secretions second.  As for our line of defense towards Earwigs, it varies depending on your situation. If you have an Earwig problem, you should contact your local Pest Control company for guidance and solutions.

Research credit to the Handbook Of Pest Control Mallis Tenth Edition.

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