Don’t DIY: Leave Bee Control To The Professionals

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Why You Should Leave Bee Control To The Professionals

American pest control services were projected to reach a revenue of up to 12.29 billion dollars by 2016. This is because in an age of DIY projects pest control is something you absolutely want to leave up to the professionals.

Getting rid of pests such as fleas, rats, and bees on your own may seem like a great idea at the time. But in reality, trying to get rid of these pests as an amateur can be dangerous. This is especially true in the case of bees and wasps. Here’s why you should put down the shovel and pick up a phone before you try to take care of that hive hanging outside your door by yourself.

Disastrous consequences
Removing a bee hive or a wasp nest on your own without any prior training is a recipe for disaster. Simply knocking down the hive can cause a whole slew of problems and all of them end with you in a doctor’s office if not the hospital. To make matters worse, not knowing if you’re allergic to bees and proceeding to make an entire nest angry probably isn’t the best way to find out.

Calling a bee removal service to get rid of the hive for you will not only protect you from any dangerous consequences, but it can also save you money in the long run. Any mistake you make can result in more than just a sting. You could end up wasting money on products that don’t work if not used properly. And if the queen survives, odds are the rest of the nest will live on.

The wonders of follow-ups
Unlike your wasp spray, a professional bee removal service would be able to ensure that the entire hive was eliminated. Some pest control services even offer bee control that keeps the hive in tact by transporting the queen. Where the queen goes, the bees follow and when they’re properly sedated bees can be relatively harmless.

Wasps, on the other hand, are no one’s friend even when sedated. It’s best to call a pest control company to get rid of a wasp’s nest because of the chemicals involved. Often times, when a person attempts to get rid of a wasp’s nest by themselves they use the chemicals provided to them in a local hardware store.

These chemicals can be extremely dangerous to ingest. A bee removal service may offer an environmentally friendly alternative to these chemicals or, if they don’t, they’ll at least be prepared and you and your family won’t be near the spray area to inhale them.

DIY projects are great when it comes to ideas for clothes or furniture. But with pests, it may be a better idea to call the professionals. Getting stung by one bee isn’t fun. An entire nest could be deadly. If you have a bee hive or wasp’s nest in your yard or house, call a professional pest control service today to keep your family and yourself safe from stings.

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