Dos and Don’ts of Do It Yourself Termite Removal

With termite season around again, some Tucson residents will find signs of termites on their property. Some will be sign of an existing nest, while others will indicate a new colony just beginning to form. For most, a professional extermination by a professional company is the best way to protect your property from these damaging insects.

Some folks are handy enough or frugal enough to try some DIY measures before they call in the professionals. Though we recommend this only for people who already understand the basics, here are our Dos and Don’ts of how to do those basics right.

DO eliminate possible entry points and other termite-friendly conditions from your home before attempting to remove the infestation. Otherwise, it’s easy for new termites to move right on in. Keep debris piles away from your exterior walls for the same reasons.

DON’T assume all termiticides are created equal, or that all pest sprays will kill termites. Look for environmentally-friendly formulas that specifically name termites among the insects they eliminate. Follow all directions on the container to the letter, and read online directions carefully.

DO keep your children and pets away from everywhere you spray with termiticides. Even environmentally friendly sprays can be toxic. This advice is true of any kind of DIY pest control, but bears repeating every time. It can save your family a lot of worry and misery.

DON’T attempt major, structural treatments on your own. Barrier treatments and deep baiting are the realms of professional pest control experts. You have a very good chance of damaging your home more than the termites would if you try these specialized moves.

DO get started on your treatment efforts immediately. Every week you let it slide is another week’s worth of direct and collateral damage to your home, and a larger nest of termites to get rid of once you do start. Early control is key to effective pest management.

DON’T assume a single treatment will be sufficient. Keep an eye out for further sign of infestation in the weeks after you do your DIY treatment, and check for new damage in places where you knew termites used to be. If you don’t, the infestation may continue and do a lot of additional damage.

DO seal and fill any cracks in your exterior — especially around doors and windows — once you’ve finished treatment. This keeps new pests from getting inside and spoiling your termite control efforts. This is another one that’s good for any kind of bug, but especially important with something as pestiferous as termites.

If your efforts don’t work, then it’s time to call in the pros before the infestation does even more damage. We offer free consultations and estimates run by professionals specifically trained in how to spot and eliminate termite infestations. Call today to find out how we can take the guesswork out of this challenging situation.

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