Tucson Termite Control Dos and Don’ts

Tucson Termite Control

If you know you have a termite problem in your home, there’s only one thing to do: call us right now at Essential Pest Control and get professionals in termite control to eliminate the pests before they cause more damage to your home.

If you don’t have a termite problem yet, here’s our best advice to keep that problem away. The only thing that makes us happier than satisfied customers is people who never need to become our customers in the first place.

  • Do seal cracks in any wooden parts of your house as you find them. Termites can’t enter intact wood, so sealing those cracks closes the doors they use to get in. You can use industrial sealants, or fine sand, to fill the cracks and keep termites out.
  • Don’t disturb termite colonies you find near your home. If you interfere with the colony, they may relocate. That relocation might be closer to ­­ or even inside ­­ your house. Leave it alone, or call in professionals to dispose of the population.
  • Do reduce moisture around your home. Termites love moisture, especially in arid Tucson, so check for gutters, taps and water features that would result in pools of standing water. Repair them whenever you find them. In Tucson, it’s especially important to watch your air conditioning units, which can drip intermittently all summer long.
  • Don’t leave lumber or other wood waste on your property. It will attract termites the same way leaving out scraps can attract coyotes or bears. Get rid of scraps as soon as a job is finished. If you have a fireplace, store your firewood and firestarter away from your foundations.

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  • Do use juniper, cedar or redwood when building new structures or repairing old ones. Termites (and many other pests) dislike the scent and taste of these woods. Using them controls their population.
  • Don’t use mulch in your landscaping. It’s like leaving out a patch of delicious hors de oevers to attract the termites to the main dish: your house. This is one of many reasons xeriscaping is popular in Tucson and other parts of the American Southwest. Gravel and similar products are attractive, use less water, and aren’t considered yummy by pests.
  • Do get a home inspection every year or two. Early detection is the key to controlling termite infestation before the damage becomes too costly. You should watch for signs consistently, and bring in a professional once in awhile.
  • Don’t store any wood in contact with the ground, or construct decks, playhouses or other wooden structures in contact with soil. This contact will both attract termites, and rot the wood to make it easier for them to feed. Use concrete foundations for your structures, and store lumber above-ground or at least wrapped in a tarp.

The weather in Tucson makes termites happy just like it makes humans here happy, but if you follow our advice here, you stand a good chance of keeping them happy somewhere else. If even these steps fail, we’re just a phone call away 520-886-3029. You can also contact us online for termite control in Tucson at: www.essentialpest.com/contact-us

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