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Simple and Effective Ways to Keep Pest Out Of Your Home

Nothing quite compares to the services offered by a professional pest control company. However, there are a few effective ways to help reduce the presence of pest in a home and keep bugs out. For example, limiting litter, trash, and waste exposure in your yard can greatly reduce the likelihood of pest infestation. Trash cans should have a tight fitting top. In addition it is always a good idea to clean garbage cans on a regular basis.

Lighting Can Also Play A Role

Keeping the interior and exterior of a home free of trash and waste can ensure that pest infestation does not occur. In addition, lighting can play a role in reducing flying insects around your home. For example, light bulbs that typically have orange, pink, or yellow tint will be less likely to attract flying insects. When placing lighting around the exterior of a home it is better to keep lights as far as possible away from entry ways.


This lighting placement strategy serves to reduce the number of flying insects that can enter a home when a door is opened. A better strategy with regard to lighting an entry way is to use pole lighting that directs light toward the door. Another good idea for reducing pest problems is to reduce cracks and crevices around doors and windows. This will greatly reduce the likelihood of pests and insects entering your home. Simple planning can go a long way in keeping your home completely pest free.

The Likelihood Of Pest Infestation

Finally, it is also important to proactively keep bushes, trees, and shrubs well-trimmed and maintained. This serves to prevent foliage from touching your home that could serve as a bridge for pests wishing to enter. Yet another good strategy for reducing the likelihood of pest infestation is to choose rock and gravel. This option is less inviting to pests and can greatly reduce pest populations around the outside of your house. When all these strategies are combined with the professional services of a Tucson pest control company, the end result is a clean and pest free environment. Contact Essential Pest Management today to learn more.

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