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A way of reducing pest infestation in and around your home is to effectively treat the outside of your home in order to prevent infestation inside your home. It is always a good idea to keep the outside of your home well maintained. Keeping shrubs, trees, and grass well-trimmed can greatly reduce pests. In addition maintaining an area free of leaves, debris, and other organic matter can greatly reduce pest populations. Checking your home for common signs of wood rot can also help to reduce the likelihood of pest infestation from becoming a problem.

Enjoy The Buffet

Pet food is another source of food for insects and pests. Always ensure that pet food is sealed, covered, and protected. Never leave open bags of pet food in your garage or basement. This is an invitation to pests to enter your home and enjoy the buffet. Play it safe and keep everything sealed in airtight containers. It is also a good idea to clean Winter clothing in hot water before storing for the Summer. Bugs, pests, flying insects, and their larvae can attach to clothing and breed during the hot Summer months.

Inside And Outside

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It is also a good practice to carefully inspect pets after they have been outdoors. Insects like to attach to pets as transportation to a more inviting indoor environment. Fleas are especially troublesome and can quickly infest an entire home in a very short period of time. Firewood can be a breeding ground for a wide variety of pests and insects. Store firewood away from your home and keep it clean, free of debris, and clutter. All these strategies can greatly improve the chances of having a completely pest free environment year round. Contact Essential Pest Management for the best service in Tucson pest control services.

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